A Unique Late Night Buffet

More and more couples are looking for ways to bring the WOW factor to all areas of their big day – from a unique venue, to homemade decorations, to incorporating favourite foods into their menu; couples want to be different. One way to stand out is to offer a unique late night buffet.

In the past, we’ve seen couples serve french fries, frozen sweet treats and ribs cooked over an open flame. There are so many choices for late night buffets now, that it’s hard to decide which would be the best to serve your guests.

The best thing to do is to start with the foods you like to eat. Is there something you and your Groom treat yourself to when you’re looking to indulge? Was there a go-to food you ate after partying during  your college days? Is there a food that you always seem to bring when attending family functions or potlucks? These are good places to start, but another place would be to check what local restaurants, food trucks and catering companies can offer your guests.

How about having a food truck pull up in the parking lot of your venue at 10:30 for an hour or so and serve half sizes of their most popular dishes? We have a couple looking into the southern treats served by The Dirty South Food Truck for their big day. We’ve also had a couple serve homemade frozen paletas from Ice Pop Art and homemade cookies from Cake _ Loaf with a shot glass of both white and chocolate milk.

Two-Tone Dresses

The choices are endless, just be sure to keep your budget in mind and if you’re bringing in someone for your late night, make sure your venue is okay with it. Some locations stipulate that you must use their catering staff for everything – and if that’s the case, talk to them about doing something different like sliders, s’mores or mini donuts with espresso shots.

What kind of treats do you like to see at weddings? What’s been your favourite? You can always borrow ideas from others and still have the idea be unique by adding your own personal touch to how it’s displayed or the ingredients used to make it.