Damn Girl…

…you picked an ugly dress.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are married.
You might remember my post here, where I may have cried me a river.

Jessica’s dress was, well, er…not all that flattering. And I’m not just saying this because she is now Mrs. Timberlake. I did not expect her to wear such a pink pouf.
As JT sings in his song Damn Girl…”You’re so fine make a brother blush”….I’d have to say that yes, he likely did blush…with embarrassment.

Jessica is a very pretty woman. In fact, she’s stunning. Adding colour to wedding dresses has become more acceptable and fashionable in the past few years, but to have an outright pink dress made me shutter slightly. What do you think?

I thought the new JT would have worn something white made of silk or satin, low cut with an embellished brooch or belt. For a few months prior to their wedding Jessica was photographed at almost every event wearing white – thus making people wonder if she was practicing for her big day, or trying to throw off the paparazzi.

They got married in Italy, and has had one of the most expensive celeb weddings to date. A whopping 6.5 million….which you think would buy a very pretty dress.

Alright, I’m done ranting about it.

Here is the dress if you haven’t already seen it.

 Thought she would have done better in any one of these. Oh well, they’re very happy and in love – so that’s all that matters. Right?

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A little bit of country…

I’m a country girl. The sounds of Tim McGraw, Dixie Chicks and Luke Bryan make me happy. The idea of riding a horse on a
fall day gives me combined sense of adventure and calm. The sight of a guy
wearing a cowboy hat and worn in jeans brings a smile to my face. These things
are country to me – so when I think of the perfect country wedding, I like of rustic
elements like burlap, hay, vintage rentals, mason jars, the colours brown and champagne, barns, corn fields, autumn and guitars.

Whatever your style is, be sure to implement it into your
special day. Maybe you’re a little country, or maybe you’re a little rock &
roll. Either way, plan your details for your wedding around your
style, personality, budget and interests/hobbies.

Here are some ways that I would incorporate a little bit of country
into a wedding:

Photo by Katie Stoops Photography
Brooke & Richard’s Wedding. Photo by Unveil Photography
Photo found on Cedarwood Southern Chic Designers 
Photo found on All Women Stalk
For more rustic or country inspiration check out Pinterest, Rustic Wedding Chic and The Wedding Chicks.
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From Bridesmaid to Bride

When I met Erin in November 2011, she was a Bridesmaid for her sister Leigh’s wedding.
Now, she’s engaged to her longtime boyfriend Jeff and will see me again in September 2013 when she is a Bride!

We often get referrals from past Brides and Grooms, and typically it’s their friends or co-workers – so this  is the first time that we’re going to be executing another wedding for the same family! It will be such a pleasure to see Leigh as a Bridesmaid, and now Erin as the Bride! I’m so excited to be able to work with these two gals again, and to help Erin & Jeff keep calm on their very special day.

Stay tuned next year for a teaser post about their wedding and then for a re-cap after they’ve said “I do.”

Erin as a Bridesmaid for her sister Leigh’s wedding.
Photo by Red Lotus Photography
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