Themed Weddings {Halloween Wedding}

Are you having a themed wedding? Most weddings have a ‘theme’ like rustic, elegant, seasonality (winter wonderland), nautical, rock and roll, etc. But are you planning a themed wedding where you ask guests to dress up? We typically see this type of wedding with Halloween, or New Years Eve, but have seen it pop up from time to time with themes like Victorian, 1920’s and even Western.

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One of my fantasy Day of Coordination gigs would have to be a Halloween Wedding. I’ve always wanted to take part in bringing the details together for a wedding that has a theme that involves candy, a few ghosts and lots of fun!

From a full on costume party, or a masquerade affair, there are so many ways you can incorporate this festive day into your wedding.

We like these invitations from Wedding Paperie paired with this cake from Rosebud Cakes. With zombies being on trend right now, they are perfect for a Halloween Wedding.

Until the day a Bride _ Groom come my way with a Halloween Wedding, I will have to keep fantasizing about it….but imagine, you could have a psychic there complete with a crystal ball. Or how about an old fashioned candy buffet so your guests can trick or treat after dinner, or what about serving bloody mary shots when guests arrive? Oh, the possibilities!

Video Proposals

Proposals, like weddings have become more elaborate and full of details. More and more Grooms-to-be are choosing to pop the question through video. They are either using the medium to actually propose, or to simply capture the moment as a keepsake.

We’ve seen those viral videos of guys proposing using a flash mob, city monuments and buildings and using the help of friends and loved ones. We’ve seen a few that we’ve cringed at (um, hello narcissistic proposal guy) and few that we just adored (reciting her positive traits, strengths _ using her full name – swoon worthy).

Everyone wants to star in their very own mini-movie, so why not propose using video? What would your proposal look like? Would you act out a scene from a movie or tv show? Would you take her to her favourite spot, or where you had your first date? Would you involve her friends and family?

What do you think about video proposals? Do you like to be in front of the camera? Do you think she’d like to have it filmed and then go viral? Or do you think that proposals should be an intimate experience shared only with the couple?

What is your favourite video proposal? Tell us in our comments, we’d love to watch your top pick (or even your own video proposal)!


The Entourage {Wedding Professionals}

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To see one of our trusted ‘friendors’ check out this video of Margarita _ Serigo’s wedding day.

You’re engaged and are rounding up your bridesmaids, mother, future MIL and other women that are important to you and heading out to a Wedding Show. Seems like fun, but is it? A lot Brides find wedding shows to be a tad stressful. They are bombarded with information that at the time can be overwhelming. There are so many vendors and wedding professionals to choose from – so how does one do it?! That’s why we created The Entourage package. Not only do you receive our fabulous Day of Coordination service, but you also get referrals with industry discounts to vendors that we know and trust. With having executed more than 20 weddings over the past 5 years, we’ve met a lot of vendors – some good, others bad and some that we simply adore and call friends. These are the kind of vendors you want working for you on your wedding day!

Not only will you get wedding professionals that we recommend, but you will get discounts from these vendors that you wouldn’t be able to get if you emailed or called them yourself. Take a look at The Entourage package and let our team of  professionals keep you sane, happy and simply enjoying your day.


So attend the Wedding Shows for the experience if you so desire, but know that at the end of the day when you empty that heavy bag full of marketing material you can always just call us and get what you need in one quick call or email.

It’s our job and our passion to make your wedding day as enjoyable as possible. We look forward to hearing from you!



Give the gift of less stress {Wedding Day Coordination}

We are upon the time of year that you start thinking about gifts for your family and friends for the holidays. There’s typically one person, or one couple that you just don’t know what to get to slip under the tree. Well, we have a solution for you! Join forces with a few other family members (cousins, Aunts, Uncles, etc) and get the Bride or the soon-to-be Mr _ Mrs Wedding Day Coordination services!

You will be buying gifts for them from the registry, or partaking in the wedding as a member of the wedding party, so rather than scratch your head a few times about what to get her/them, just send us an email and ta-da, problem solved!

Our Big Day package is a great gift to give because not only will it make you look like an organized, caring and oh-so-loving friend/family, but it will put the Bride _ Groom at ease on their wedding day knowing that a professional is on hand to take care of all of the fine details and event logistics so they can simply enjoy their big day.

Offering 10% off until the end of the year you will want to book now to ensure their date is still available. So, what are you waiting for! Give us a call or shoot us an email, we’d love to help you give one of the best gifts ever this holiday season!