Congrats Konika _ Prathab

Konika & Prathab’s wedding was wonderful last night! They both looked fantastic, and I know that they had a fantastic time with their family and friends.
Konika had hired me for Day Of Coordination (DOC) only, and was very organized with her instructions and details for me and my assistant. However, like most events, there were a few glitches along the way. I would recommend that as a planner, or a DYI Bride, be sure to confirm with the vendors prior to the event (preferably the day before) about their arrival time and responsibilities. A few too many vendors were late showing up yesterday. It’s frustrating when that happens as it puts the entire schedule that the bride has worked so hard at creating out of sync. Having a Planner helps with these types of situations – and situations like a bridesmaid spilling her glass of red wine on the place cards BEFORE guests arrive, or like the lighting in the reception hall not working 15 mins before you open the doors to the guests awaiting in the lobby!!!! (Yes, they both happened yesterday)
Overall though, everyone had a great time, the venue looked fabulous and the couple were satisfied. The Bride’s Butler wish Konika & Prathab all the best!
BB TIP #1:
Always have an extra info sheet with guests names and table numbers available incase of a ‘wine’ or any other mishap. :)
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1st Offical wedding!!

Hi everyone! Thanks for checking out my blog. As I start blogging for the first time, I hope to be able to share with you experiences as a Wedding Planner – not only for other brides, but for myself!
I launched my business part time last summer and have been able to secure a few weddings this year. My first official wedding as “The Bride’s Butler” is for the beautiful Konika and her fiance Prathab.
Konika found out about me from Wedding Wire, and I’m so excited to be aiding her in her wedding this Saturday!
The wedding is being held at Riviera Parque in Concord, Ontario and is a Moroccan themed party!

It’s been a long time coming for me to have my own Wedding Planning business, so I’m thrilled that it is finally happening. Lots of hard work and dedication.

The Bride’s Butler wishes Konika and Prathab the best on their wedding day, August 29/09!

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