Bride’s Butler goals for 2014

In our last post we talked about goals for your wedding planning, so now it’s our turn to share our goals with you! Each year I make business goals for Bride’s Butler and personal goals for myself to keep myself accountable because nothing says “git ‘er done” like seeing tasks in writing.

Goals for Bride’s Butler:


    • Continue to offer exceptional Wedding Day Coordination services


    • Educate and inform Brides/Grooms about wedding planning, trends, traditions and advice through blog posts


    • Book more weddings! We love being a part of soon to be newlyweds special days. It’s amazing how an organic bond happens between us as trust is built and experiences are shared.


    • Provide my Assistant with guidance to hone her wedding execution skills.


  • Continue to build the Bride’s Butler brand and network with other industry providers.

Goals for myself:


    • Spend more time with my nephews as little ones grow so quickly!


    • Tell my family and friends more that I love and appreciate them.


    • Appreciate the finer things in life, and always look for the silver lining.


    • Read more. I love books, I really do – but I always fall asleep. I’d like to complete at least 20 novels this year. Any suggestions?


    • Go on a trip – or two! The bf wants to take me to Myrtle Beach, so I think I’ll let him. 


What are some of your personal goals for 2014? I’d love to hear them!