Sunday Weddings

Would you get married on a Sunday?


It seems that Sunday weddings are becoming more popular – we’ve
coordinated 4 since we started in 2008, and have 2 more booked for this year. Wondering
why? Well, Sunday weddings tend to be cheaper because venues offer a slight
discount to hold your wedding then instead of the ever-popular Saturday. 
the years Friday weddings have been more in demand as well. Originally you
could book Friday for cheaper than a Saturday, but now they are basically neck
in neck in price. Do you think that Saturday weddings will be a thing of the

I can see getting married on a Sunday if it’s a long
weekend, which is what most of our clients have done. 

We think that a beautiful brunch or luncheon wedding on a
Sunday would be awesome. Or an afternoon ceremony followed with a cocktail
reception, or a picnic-like dinner. Keep it light, and keep it from getting late.
Most people won’t stay too long at a Sunday wedding if they have to work the
next day, and travel a fair distance to boot.

So, what’s your thoughts on hosting or going to a wedding on
a Sunday?

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Looking back on Angie _ Serge’s day

Signing the registry – they’re married!

In May, we executed Full Wedding Planning services for Angie & Serge. Lovingly referred to as “the Brady Bunch” by family and friends, this outdoor backyard wedding was one so full of love that it was palpable.
During their wedding ceremony, I actually had tears running down my cheeks.

Angie and Serge met and instantly fell in love. Every Sunday he brings her flowers. She believes that their love is one of fairy tales, so that was the underlying theme for the wedding. Cupcake Diner provided the mini cake, cupcakes and the favour cookies shown.

The ceremony took place on their property with the reception being housed in a tent provided by Special Event Rentals. Christine of Designs by Law made the tables beautiful with illuminated centrepieces and Gary from Ted’s Tunes kept the crowd on their feet all night. It was a pleasure to have worked with vendors that I know and trust, and helped bring the fairy tale vision to life for Angie and Serge.

These newlyweds are a fabulous match brought together later in life to form a beautiful family. All of the kids like each other, get along and treat each other with respect. They are more than step-siblings, they are friends. It was an honour to have been a part of their special day and to witness the love and share in the joy with their family and friends. Congratulations, and thank you!

Bride, Groom, their kids and the Best Man.
The Bride is escorted down the aisle by her Father & her eldest son.

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Managing Expectations

Let’s consider this post a little pep talk….or free advice per say.

Your Day of Coordinator can only be as organized as you are. Plain and simple.
It’s our job on your wedding day to assist with tasks that you are physically unable to do yourself. For example; set up your reception area with your centrepieces, favours, escort cards, etc. Not only do we do the so-called ‘grunt’ work for you, but we also do our best to keep every one and every thing on time.

It’s our job to reduce your workload and amount of stress. Now, let me reinstate what I’ve already said…we can only be as organized as you are. We’ll provide you with useful documents like a timeline and vendor information sheets to guide you, but ultimately if you’re not organized, we won’t be either.

The best weddings we’ve executed Day of Coordination services for are the ones that the Bride has checklists, pictures and instructions for set-up and decor, labeled containers/boxes with all the little details and copies of all vendor contracts. With these items we are able to bring your vision to life, without them we’re walking into your event blind.

Upon booking Day of Coordination with The Bride’s Butler, we give you tools to help you be organized, and we offer continuous support via email or phone two months prior to your big day. Use this time to ask any last minute questions, air your concerns about a specific vendor and fill us in on family or guest drama (cause no matter what, there’s always a little of that). When we meet for our final meeting prior to your big day, typically 1 week before, have all your information ready. We’ll remind you of what items we’ll need just so you don’t feel overwhelmed or lost. Having a floor plan and all of your check lists handy for this final meeting helps us in getting your big picture plan.

I always tell my clients, there is no such thing as too much information. Saturate us with it – I want to be able to see the dream wedding you’ve been planning these past 12-18 months in my mind.

Day of Coordination services are for the Bride that plans her own wedding, chooses and secures her own vendors, and   knows what she wants. This package is perfect for Brides that want to be able to step away from delegation and the so-called Bridezilla role and simply enjoy her day with her new hubby, friends and family.

Having a Day of Coordinator on site is something you won’t regret, when done right. Ask any vendor who’s worked with us, or previous clients and they’ll agree. If you’re organized, you’ll get the wedding you always wanted.

Happy planning!

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Wedding wishes

I dreamed of a wedding of elaborate elegance,

A church filled with family and friends.

I asked him what kind of a wedding he wished for,

He said one that would make me his wife.

~Author Unknown
Wishing all newly engaged couples the happiest of memories. Happy planning!

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