A Saaweet Wedding!

Natalie got married to the love
of her life, Jason on June 16th and we were there to coordinate their
special day.

It was a beautiful, yet hot summer day when these two love
birds said “I do.”  Both the ceremony and
the reception was at Liberty Grand in Toronto (on the Exhibition grounds). Natalie is all about the fine details, she had a complete
vision in her mind of how she wanted her day to look and feel, I think we did a
pretty good job bringing it all together for her and her hubs.
From the rose petal aisle, to the lemonade stand for guests
after the ceremony – to the homemade cookie favours, cupcake tree (or rather
tower) and small personal touches like a picture frame stand with little
pictures of loved ones passed, to a note card detailing their flower choices,
this wedding was simply beautiful!

On top of all the beauty that was in the details and décor,
there’s Jason, Natalie and their wedding party too! A great looking group of
people that were such a pleasure to work with. Not one person complained, or didn’t
offer to help out in some way. This couple was truly blessed to have been
surrounded by such great family & friends on their wedding day.

With Natalie owning Cupcake Diner, it was expected that there’d
be some sweet treats available! The late night buffet consisted of homemade
goodies like cupcakes (chocolate mint, lemon, red velvet just to name a few)
and cookies. In conjunction to the sweet table, there was a buffet of French fries
– a perfect snack for party!

The new Mr. & Mrs will be featured in an up-coming
edition of the Hamilton & Halton Weddings Magazine, so be on the lookout
for that! In the meantime, check out some pictures here of the happy couple on
their special day. It was a pleasure and an honour to have been a part of Natalie
& Jason’s day. We hope that they had a fantastic time with memories to last
a lifetime.


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Venue: Liberty Grand 

Florist/Décor: Sue Gallo Designs 

Cupcakes & Cookies: Cupcake Diner

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Choosing your Master of Ceremonies

You’ve announced your engagement, you’ve set your wedding date, you’ve found your dress, you’ve ordered your cake, flowers and transportation, you’ve made your guest list, and now all you need to do is make it all come together on one day – one big day – one day that will be considered the most important day of your life. 

You have the starring role on that day, you’re like celebrities actually. Your Wedding Planner is your Director, Producer, Stylist, Engineer and even your Therapist – but who is the Conductor? Who announces you and your wedding party and who ties all of the various elements of the evening together? Who has this honour? Your MC!

Choosing an MC is sometimes an easy task, and other times it can be daunting for the couple. Who do you know that likes to talk in front of a crowd, but isn’t a class clown or major attention seeker? Who knows you well enough to be able to tell stories about you individually and as a couple? Who can work well with your Wedding Planner to ensure proper timing and execution of the many event logistics? Your MC!

Suggestions for whom to pick as MC are typically the Best Man, a close friend or a family member. To learn more about choosing and or being a Wedding MC you should read the book “The Wedding MC” by Tom Haibeck, or talk to your Wedding Planner.
Your Wedding Planner should meet your MC prior to your wedding day, most likely at the rehearsal if not before. The two of them will work together during the wedding reception in regards to timing. Almost 95% of the time the set timeline/agenda for the reception changes based on food preparation, service and consumption, guests arriving late and speeches going over or under time. Your MC should be able to ‘roll with the punches’ and be able to maintain a sense of professionalism (a.k.a maturity) as the night unfolds.

Your MC should have fun, and aim to keep the celebration exciting, positive and memorable. They should try to engage guests in interaction, and strive to make sure everyone is having a fabulous time.

What does an MC ‘typically’ do?– Requests the guests to take their seats if needed– Announces the wedding party & the Mr & Mrs.– Welcomes your guests and introducing him or her self– Toasts the couple (if desired)– Says Grace (or introduces the person saying a blessing)– Announces the dinner (in most cases only if a buffet)– Thanks the catering staff on behalf of the couple after dinner– Presents the “kissing game” to your guests– Makes jokes and announcements throughout the evening– Introduces special guests for their speeches– Announces other events throughout the evening (first dance, cutting of the cake, late night buffet, bouquet toss, etc)

As the Bride & Groom, you should meet with your MC throughout your planning process, keeping them involved and up to date with your plans, ideas and hopes for the evening. Feel free to give your MC guidelines in regards to the content they wish to share with your guests and feel free to ask them to read what they have prepared. Most Brides do not like surprises on the day they’ve taken months to plan to perfection. :)

Being an MC is an honour, and officially makes them part of the “Wedding Party“. 

*Originally posted on The Bride’s Butler Blog in 2010

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Give your flowers meaning

Most Brides will pick flowers for their wedding based on the colour, size, seasonality (availability) and cost. Flowers can be expensive, especially if you’re ordering ones that aren’t in season during your special day.

To add more meaning to your flowers, and to give your guests something to talk about, why not post a list of your chosen flowers and their meaning like what my recent Bride, Natalie did?

Placed on her gift table, I thought this was a great way for her to showcase her love of flowers and why she chose what she did for the day she said “I do” to Jason.

Online you can find all kinds of meanings and symbols for flowers. Check out Flowers for Canada or The Language of Flowers.

Remember that if you’re not all that into flowers, you can always incorporate plants, nuts and seeds. Or, if you’re totally against using real flowers, why not go with a broach or button bouquet?

What kind of flowers are you planning on displaying at your wedding and in your bouquet?

No matter what you choose, be sure that the flowers you pick have some sort of meaning to you. Maybe you decide to pick flowers that were the kind he first gave you when you started dating. Maybe you chose your mother’s favourite flower to honour her, or maybe you simply pick what you think are pretty. Whether you display the meaning of your flowers or not, you’ll know that they were chosen with your special meaning in mind.

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Congrats Natalie _ Jason!

I am beyond excited to be coordinating the wedding of Natalie & Jason tomorrow!

Natalie is the owner of Cupcake Diner, Canada’s first mobile cupcake shoppe. She’s not only a local celebrity here in Hamilton, but she’s also one of our favourite Friendors, so it’s obvious why I’m super pumped about their big day!

Since 2010, Natalie has been planning her wedding to Jason and has a ton of fine details.
From an outdoor ceremony complete with a rose petal aisle, to honey & sugar sticks for tea and coffee, to homemade cookies for the favours – this gal has thought of a bunch of little things to bring together her event in a big way. It’s always a joy to hear about how couples are incorporating their personalities, styles and ideas of romance into their wedding day.

Stay tuned to the blog for a recap post or two about Nat & Jay’s wedding. You’ll also be able to see it featured in an up-coming edition of the Hamilton & Halton Weddings Magazine!

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