Rules of Engagement

Earlier last week I was featured in an article about what to wear to an Engagement Party. Written by Lisa Hannam and published in The Hamilton Spectator, this article gave a few tips for the Bride and her guests.

So what do you pair with your new diamond ring?? You can read the article here.

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Paying tribute to loved ones.

Celebrating with family and friends is the main reason why people have weddings. A marriage is for two people, a wedding is for all. Often times couples are unable to share the joy of their special day with loved ones because they’ve passed on. How can you pay tribute to loved ones on your wedding day?

Here are a few ideas:
– Make a donation in honour of them to a charity that was close their heart, or affected their life. Lost a Grandmother to cancer? How about you donate to the Canadian Cancer Society. This is a great way to pay homage to your loved one and make a difference. 
– Mention the deceased in your ceremony programs. Most couples thank their family and friends for their love and support this way, so include those that have passed here as well.
– Incorporate rosemary into your bouquet, centrepieces or decor as it is the flower of remembrance.
– Play a special song during the cocktail hour or dinner and just know that when you hear it that you’ve dedicated it to them.
– Display photos of them at the ceremony or on the gift/guest book table. Many couples will choose to have the wedding photos of their Grandparents here, or of their parents as well (even if still alive).
– Have a family or friend share a reading in their memory at the ceremony. You can personalize this even more by choosing one of their favourite poems or verses.
– Light a candle for them during the ceremony.
– Include a moment of silence, or mention them in your prayer/grace prior to dinner.
– Wear a piece of their jewelery to have them close on your special day, plus this can be your “something old.” Some Brides have taken a locket or broach from a loved one and fastened it to their bouquet or dress. Grooms can do this too, either wearing the memento externally, or hidden within a suit pocket or sleeve.
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7 Ways to Save

Weddings can be expensive and before you know it, you’ve gone over your budget.

Here are 7 ways to save when planning your wedding:

1. Save money and feel good about your favours by donating to a charity. Pick one that’s close to your heart as a couple or one that you’ve volunteered for before. Helping others not only will give you the warm and fuzzies, but will save you money (& waste as most people don’t keep or even take their favours). Plus, you’ll get a tax credit for your charitable contribution.

2. Marriage licence fees vary depending on the municipality. Do a bit of research to see who closest to you offers the lowest cost. An extra 10-15 minute drive could save you $20-$40.

3. Beg, borrow and rent your wedding attire. There are plenty of used and sample gowns that are just a beautiful as the original, and are usually more than 1/2 the cost. Also, ask friends who’ve been married recently if you can borrow or rent their veil, shoes, etc. You’ll only wear your dress and accessories for one day, so if you can save here, you’ll be able to spend more on something else.

4. Have your wedding during an off-season month like Jan-Mar or Nov-Dec. Friday weddings are also not as affordable as they used to be, so don’t think that will save you much. Having a wedding on a Sunday of a long weekend may be a bit less expensive, but they are gaining in popularity as well.

5. Choose a venue that is already decorated (think at Christmas time) or is beautifully staged on it’s own. This way you cut the costs on hiring a decorator and renting chair covers, etc. Banquet halls are less expensive, but then there are the costs to make it not look so cookie cutter…flowers, lights, drapery, etc.

6. Ask your servers to pour wine for your guests rather than have bottles on the table. If people see the wine, they’ll drink the wine. Save yourself some money by not displaying bottles on the tables.

7. Reduce your guest list with this simple trick; if you haven’t had a sit down meal with them in the past year,  cut them from your list. We know that this isn’t typical for everyone (you’re Fathers co-workers, etc), but if you’re debating about that friend from your old job, or the neighbour down the street, think of that trick.
Less guests equal less money spent.

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