Why a Wedding Coordinator?

Many times in this blog, on our Facebook Fan Page and on Twitter, I’ve mentioned reasons why I think it’s important for couples to invest in a Wedding Coordinator. I’m your right-hand-gal on the most important day of your life. My team and I are there to keep you calm, make sure your vendors are on time and executing the appropriate services. We coordinate the dinner courses and speeches with your MC and Venue Coordinator, and we do a lot of the set-up and take-down. Knowing that you have a professional working for and with you is one of the best investments you can make on your wedding day. Be a Bride and not a Boss on your wedding day – the latter is my job.

So why and how did I become a Wedding Coordinator? It’s not because I was married and planned my own wedding. Many Planners/Coordinators start their business after they have planned their own affair, and then think they can be professionals. Now don’t get me wrong, some of them are professional and are very good, but just because they planned one wedding doesn’t mean that they can or should do it for others.

I’ve always loved weddings. The idea of two people joining together for the rest of their lives and making that commitment in front of their loved ones is something that I think is romantic. The romance of weddings, the togetherness of family and the odd real-life fairytale is what keeps me believing in love….and enjoying my job.

Coordinating the wedding of Natalie & Jason – June 2012

It was in 2007 that I took a Wedding Planning course to test my waters of weddings. I’d always been into and involved with events, but never with weddings. I loved the course and carried on to get certified by the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada. Then I enrolled in a full-time one year post-grad Event Management program to hone my skills further.

The Bride’s Butler was created in 2008 and I’ve executed over 22 weddings in the past 4 years. Coordinating weddings is my passion and I manage the business part-time as weddings are seasonal and typically happen on weekends.

To me, there is nothing better than two people in love. Being a part of my clients special day is an honour and I strive to make sure that their day is enjoyable and memorable. If you want a Coordinator to execute your plans and vision, then give us a call – I’d love to bring your plans to life and ensure that you’re able to be yourself and a blushing Bride on your special day.

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Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas 
& all the best for 2013!
Visit us at www. for more information on how we can work together to help you plan a memorable wedding or special event.

Sale Shopping

Here’s a tip for couples that are planning their 2013/14 weddings….shop the after Christmas sales.

You just never know what you might find for your special day. You’ve got to look high and low, and sometimes dig for the good stuff, but after Christmas is a good time to stock up on things for your wedding. For example, I got these beautiful bird cake toppers for my clients Brooke & Richard last Christmas. They aren’t really cake toppers but are tree ornaments, we just snipped off the strings.

Shop the sales for favours, cake toppers, gift bags & tissue for Wedding Party & Out of Town guests. Look for centrepieces, vases, decor and more!

Some of my favourite places to look for wedding stuff on sale are:

– Michael’s
– HomeSense
– Chapter’s
– Hobby Lobby (in the States)

and Value Village. You just never know what treasures (especially mason jars) you’ll find.

Happy Sale Shopping!

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The Maid/Matron of Honour

A few weeks ago we chatted about the Best Man, so now it’s the ladies turn. The Maid or Matron of Honour is the Bride’s right hand gal, and is with her through all of the good, and dare I say it bad times during the planning and celebrating.

Weddings are stressful. The Bride is making a huge life change by becoming a wife, and they’re planning the biggest party ever – so they’re bound to feel overwhelmed. The Maid/Matron of Honour is likely her best friend, sister or cousin – someone that they love and trust. This is the person she can vent to about how overbearing her future Mother-in-Law is being, or how her hubs-to-be is simply nodding his head at all of her suggestions. She is also the person that will tell the Bride she’s beautiful on her wedding day no matter the weight she wishes she had lost – because it’s true. All Brides are stunning on their wedding day, and the MOH will make sure that her friend knows it too.

If you’ve been asked to be a MOH it is just that – an honour. The Bride has chosen you to be by her side on her special day – to help her get ready, socialize with her family and friends at the wedding and assist with all of the pre-wedding festivities.

Here are some key things a Maid/Matron of Honour will do:

– Assist with planning the Bridal Shower(s)
– Show up on time for the Bridal Shower(s), help with the food, mingle with guests & record the gifts
– Plan the Stag & Doe (if the couple want one) with the other members of the Wedding Party
– Participate in choosing the Bridesmaid dresses
– Join the Bride when choosing her dress, or at least attending the final fitting.
– Help the Bride get ready on her wedding day
– Give a speech at the reception
– Assist with any tasks that may be required of you at the wedding (and or aiding the Coordinator)
– Make sure the Bride is enjoying her wedding – be positive, be happy and stay sober!

If you’ve been asked to be a MOH, congrats! It’s an important role – so be sure to take it seriously while still having fun!

*Photo by Elizabeth in Love

Visit us at www. for more information on how we can work together to help you plan a memorable wedding or special event.