Off Beat Brides

Dance to the sound of your own drum….that is the tune of Off Beat Bride – a website dedicated to unique, creative and sometimes outlandish weddings.

The website also features ideas for ceremony and reception themes – like Halloween, 1930’s, rockstar, gothic and fantasy.

Check out the site…if there isn’t anything on it that interests you and your style, you will at least have fun looking at some of the wild and kooky ideas of other real brides.

I always find something on this site that I like….check out the picture below. When Carolyn (the Bride) didn’t know what to put on the back of her programs, she added different styles of mustaches. She says this way when she looked out into the crowd gathered to witness her vows she didn’t imagine them all in her underwear to calm her nerves – instead they all had mustaches!! Creative, silly and unique!

Themed weddings have much more and often different elements than a “regular” wedding, so if you have the budget to hire a Planner, I recommend you do. It’d be a shame to have put so much time, effort, money and creativity into a themed wedding only for it to not all come together as planned.
Enjoy being offbeat, it is afterall Halloween!
Happy Halloween!
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Creative goodies….


One of the most important aspects of a wedding (other than the vows of course) is the food.
As more and more couples are trying to make their wedding unique, and sometimes in crazy off the wall ways, I went looking for ideas on how to be different, yet still remain classy.

I was on a wedding blog the other day and came across a few ideas for favours and buffets that I thought were very creative…and also looked very yummy!

Cookies & Milk
What a great idea this is instead of your typical late night buffet. Serve shots of cold milk (you could have strawberry and chocolate flavoured ones too) and pair them up with homemade cookies – perhaps the Grooms favourite? Serve this idea either laid out on a table with some cookies wrapped ‘to-go’ with the recipe attached on a nice label with ribbon, or have this comforting treat served to guests on a tray (pictured) – only be sure each guest gets a napkin with their homemade treat.
This idea would also be a good one if children are at the reception. What child wouldn’t like some milk & cookies before they are shuttled home to bed by mom and dad?
Ice Cream Sundae Bar     
This would be fantastic for not only a summer wedding, but for the theme of a Bridal Shower. It’s a little messier than some regular dessert/snack options, but can be personalized by your guests by what they top their ice cream with! Offer all kinds of different toppings – ranging from the classic like coloured sprinkles to the not so classic like pretzel pieces. Display all of the toppings in nice dishes and be sure to have title tags for each so your guests know what they’re eating. A sure way to eliminate some of the mess would be to have your venue

pre-scoop ice cream into dishes for your guests.
What a fantatsic idea….and don’t forget the cherry on top!
When I saw this idea I wanted to whip out my fondue set and try it right then! What a wonderful idea! I think this idea would be best suited as a dessert, where each table would have their own fondue set and goodies needed to make the yummy summer treat! Can you imagine the sight of all of your guests huddled around the centre of their tables making s’mores? Fantastic pictures!
Along with this treat, you have to have wet naps available as it could get a little messy.
There are plenty of different ways to have your favourite dessert or snack available at your wedding for your guests to enjoy along with you.
Think about some of the things you enjoyed as a child, or about treats you shared with your fiance during your courtship. Almost any idea can be brought to life these days. Use your imagination!
Ask your Wedding Planner for some ideas if you’re having troubles thinking of something different and creative. We at The Bride’s Butler can find almost anything you need to satsify your sweet tooth.
Bon Appetite!
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