I do…now, pass the remote.

Are you a sucker for weddings?

I’m such a sucker for weddings – obviously, I’ve made a job out of them, but really – I’m a sucker for the romance, the commitment and the union.

At weddings for family, friends and clients, I will with no doubt shed a tear of joy as the couple say their vows and the minister officially announces that they are ‘husband and wife’. So, when thinking about how much I’m a sucker for weddings, I was reminded of some of my most favourite wedding scenes from TV. Yep, you’ve got it; even fictional characters can make me cry.
Which TV weddings top my list?
Meredith Grey & Derek Shepherd – Grey’s Anatomy
Monica & Chandler – Friends

Charlotte &  Harry – Sex & the City

Marshall & Lily – How I Met Your Mother
Alex &  Izzie – Grey’s Anatomy

What about you?

Which TV character’s nuptials made you go “aww….”?

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Getting married in 2011?

Time’s a tickin’!

Are you getting married in 2011?

Planning your wedding is fun and exciting, but it’s also very time consuming and taxing on your energy & patience level – trust me, I know. Not only do I help Brides plan their wedding, but I’m also currently planning my own wedding for October 2, 2010.

When you plan your own wedding, you get entrenched in all of the fine details – the colour of the linens, the placement of the menu cards, the table names, the ceremonial readings, the choice of songs, the seating chart, and the list goes on and on.

Planning is great, and being prepared is wonderful – but what about executing all of your plans? While you’re busy being a blushing Bride, this is where The Bride’s Butler comes in handy. :)

Book us for Day Of Coordination services for your 2011 wedding now so you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you’ll save yourself the worry of the finer details on your big day!

Don’t let time be your enemy…book today! Give me a call, or send me an email and we’ll chat about how we can work together on your wedding day. The Day Of Coordination package includes over 30 hours of service, and will help ease your mind knowing that a professional and dedicated Planner is working for you to ensure that your wedding day is the finest it can be!

Other Coordinators charge upwards of $900+ for Day of Coordination services, but we know that working within a budget for wedding planning is key, therefore we keep our fees reasonable – our Day of Coordination package starts at $600.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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The 3-Day Response Rule _ Promptly saying Thank You

Did you know that according to proper wedding etiquette, you are to respond to an invite within 3-days? I’ve got to admit that even I haven’t been that quick with responding on more than one occasion.

Sometimes you take longer than 3-days to respond because…
A) You’re not sure if you’re available/can get the time off work, etc
B) If you’re single, you’re not sure to respond as a single or a duo
C) If it’s a destination wedding, you’ve got to factor in vacation time and money into your response decision.

Figuring out any of those options in 3-days is perhaps to some, a little unrealistic – but, etiquette, like any good manners, have rules. Sadly, in today’s society, rules are more likely to be ‘rule of thumb’ rather than proper protocol.

So whether you’re invited to a wedding, bridal shower, bachelorette party or rehearsal dinner, I suggest you do your best to respond quickly – at least within the week you received the invitation – 2 weeks maximum, but definitely before the RSVP due date! It’s unfair that hosts (mainly Brides) have to call their invited guests to confirm their attendance. As a guest, you’ve been selected among many and welcomed to take part in a joyous life event – the least you can do is let the host know that you’d be honoured to attend…or not.

My take on RSVP…. Respond Sincerely & Very Promptly. (This also means if you respond yes, keep your promise and go. No one likes to be blacklisted as the person/couple that didn’t show. Empty seats at a wedding are a big no-no.)

So now that we’ve ‘lectured’ or rather ‘informed’ the guests on proper etiquette – what about the Bride & Groom? They must have some rules to follow too, right? Of course!

Promptly saying Thank You to your guests for everything and anything that they do for you is a must. Some family and friends do more than just ‘show up’ to your event – they give you heartfelt gifts and cards, they offer to help you with DYI details and other wedding/event logistics and sometimes even if they aren’t invited to the wedding they offer to look after your pet and or your house while you’re at your wedding and your honeymoon. Any nice gesture needs a thank you.
It’s most manageable to write and send out Thank You cards as you receive gifts before your wedding. This way it doesn’t feel like you have a whole stack of cards to personalize and sign either before or right after your big day.
Thank You cards should be sent out no later than 6 months after your wedding, anything longer than that is simply distasteful. Plus, if you have a Bridal Shower (or sometimes 2 or 3), you should really strive to have Thank You cards for those gifts sent out before your wedding day. Usually guests give you a gift for your shower, and for your wedding, thus equalling two Thank You cards for two separate gifts – one from just you, the Bride and the other from both of you as a happily married couple.

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Post based on article found on – “RSVP Today If You Please”

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Cubby Wubby was a car!

For this Planner, Cubby Wubby is no bear!
Cubby Wubby gets me from here to there!

Recently I purchased a Nissan Cube. I like to call it the ‘cubby’.
CUBE = CUB + E. 
The word Cube just doesn’t sound as cute for a girl’s car than a cubby does.
Maybe you’ll spot us driving in and around Hamilton with our
magnetic “The Bride’s Butler” signs on the doors
 (made and purchased on the fabulous
and if you do, please say hello!
Cubby Wubby was a car, Cubby Wubby travels near and far!
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