Hubba Hubba

Be my Valentine, my love,
As I will be for you,
And we will love the whole day long,
And love our whole lives through.
Valentine’s Day is in a few weeks and you may be thinking about ways to show your love and affection without spending a fortune. If you’re getting married this year, you’re probably working within a “we’re getting married” budget. To help you out, here are a few ‘stay at home’ ideas to get romantic with your fiance without breaking the bank.
Faux ‘take-out’
Rather than ordering in which can be pricey and greasy (ahem, wedding dress to wear in the near future) why not make your own? Make your own pizza, panini’s or even chinese at home. Whip up a tasty stir fry and put it in chinese take-out boxes and eat with chop sticks. You can find the take-out boxes at a craft, paper or dollar store. Top off this meal with a selection of fortunes you made and placed into a pretty vase and then you and your hunny can pick one and read it aloud to each other.
Cuddle on the couch
Just because it’s Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean that you have to watch a romantic comedy – in fact, you should probably watch your guy’s favourite flick. Select a movie from his collection, pop some popcorn and cuddle on the couch. Since you won’t be all that interested in his flick choice, use this time alone to behave like you first did when you started dating. A little make-out sesh on the couch never hurt anyone.
Lights Out
It’s not what it sounds like. Once in a while it’s good to ‘unplug’ all the technology and just spend some quality time together. Light candles, turn off the computer, cell phone, tv and ipod and just enjoy spending time together. Do a crossword or puzzle by candlelight, or read each other poetry. Take a bubble bath together, or give each other foot rubs.
Learn from each other
Are you a good baker? Does he kick butt at Poker? Spend an afternoon or evening teaching each other what you’re good at. You might find out something new about your significant other through this exercise.
Get Active
Again, not what I mean here – get your mind outta the gutter. A great way to bond and spend time with your love is to get active together. Go for a hike, an evening stroll with the dog, play a few rounds of Wii Sport or get out your yoga mats and follow an instructional video together.

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Something Blue

You made sure you had your something old, new, borrowed and now….you’re blue!

It’s been known that some Brides will experience post wedding blues. It makes sense to feel this way. All of the build-up and hype of your big day has simmered down, and if it’s been a few months since your wedding day, the excitement and chatter has probably vanished.

The day that took you 18 months or longer to plan is gone, and that can make anyone quite sad.

It’s not surprising that Brides feel depressed after their wedding, as this is a day they have waited for and looked forward to since childhood. After the wedding and the honeymoon a lot of Brides think there isn’t  much to look forward to regarding your nuptials except viewing the wedding photography proofs. Before the big day there’s lot’s of planning, decision making, organizing, festivities and talk about YOU (and your fiance of course). But, now – life is going back to how it was before your wedding – and well, you might be bored.

When I meet with clients for our “Day of Coordination” services, I tell them that they must manage their expectations for their wedding day as things are going to happen – things they will not be able to control or avoid. With any major event, you must look at the big picture; people who love you gathered to celebrate with you and wish you all the best for your marriage. The same goes for after the wedding – look at the big picture; you had a wonderful party filled with love, laughter and happiness – and now, you’re married!!

Marriage like any relationship consists of respect, love, compromise and dedication. Being married means that you are part of a team – a union of two people who love each other, so no matter how sad you feel that the wedding is over, know that you have a partner that has vowed to stick by you through the good and bad.

Settling into married life can take time – so be sure to give yourself time to adjust. Remember that life isn’t perfect, so don’t be bummed out when life doesn’t turn out to be the fairytale you imagined it would be when you walked down the aisle. But, what you can remember is the wonderful day you had when you said “I do”.
Look at your pictures often, reminisce with your hubby and friends about funny stories from the day, and look down at your left hand and smile at the ring that symbolizes your marriage.

Here are some things to do to help you beat the post wedding blues:

1) Recycle your stack of Bridal Magazines. You don’t need to look at them and see all the ideas of things you didn’t do. No “if only’s, but I could have, or I wish I’d done”, just toss ’em, or give them to a newly engaged friend.

2) Make a list of goals you want to accomplish. When planning your wedding you had a hefty “to-do” list, so keep that pattern alive by setting new goals for yourself and your hubs. This will help keep boredom at bay.

3) Go out on weekly or bi-weekly dates with your husband. Spending time together as a married couple will keep your union strong and remind you of all the reasons you said ‘yes’ to this special guy.

4) Relax. Wedding planning is one of the most stressful times in a woman’s life. Take time to enjoy being a newlywed rather than a Bride-to-be.

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Grooms are people too

This may come as a shocker, but….it’s not all about the Bride.
It’s known that the Bride tends to make most if not all of the decisions for the wedding, but the Wedding Industry is saying that Grooms are going to be speaking out more in 2011 and making more decisions.Your wedding day is afterall for both you and your Groom.
With blogs and websites like Ben the Groom, The Plunge and The Man Registry – guys have a place they can go to for advice, funny stories and even some educational content concerning their title as the “Groom”.
Ben the Groom offers a checklist that offers “to-do’s” from your Engagement to the night before your wedding. Knowing what to do before you are told to do it will make you look like an All-Star to your Bride.
The Plunge gives you a guys perspective and tips to prepare you for taking ‘the plunge’ into married life. From “How to: Replace a fallen Groomsman” to “Making a good impression with the In-laws” this site is a must for Grooms.
The Man Registry is an American site so you won’t find local Canadian vendors there, but you will get awesome ideas for Bachelor parties and gifts for your wedding party dudes.
In 2010, Groom cakes made a bit of a comeback and I bet you’ll continue to see more of them in weddings to come so that the Groom has something special to call his own. These cakes are usually personalized for the Groom with his hobbies, favourite sports team, movie or musician.
So, let’s hear it for the boys and take joy in the fact that if you have a Groom that wants to participate and make decisions concerning your wedding and festivities – let him. Just be sure he doesn’t get carried away and become a Groomzilla.
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Newlywed ‘To Do’ List

Now that you’ve said “I do” there are a few things you have “to do” as a newlywed.
Enjoy being Mr & Mrs
Go on your honeymoon, spend time together, make love and enjoy your new beginning.
Clean & Store your Wedding Dress
Within 6 months get your dress dry cleaned and properly packaged for storing. If you don’t plan to keep your dress, put it online for another Bride to use it for her happy day.
Check out sites like Bravo Bride, Yes Bride & Kijiji.
Change your status
And we don’t mean just on Facebook! You’ll need to change your last name and possibly your home address after you get married. Insurance, Licence, Health Card, Income Tax, etc.
For Ontario Brides, check out the Service Canada website for assistance.
Send your Thank You’s
You’ve got 2 mths before you’re considered inconsiderate. Sit down once a week and get through the pile of ‘thank you’s’. If you need more time, take it – but get those cards out no later than 6 mths after your wedding. You and your hubby will feel really good knowing that your guests are thanked promptly.
Pick your photos
You’ll be given a whack load of photos to pick once your photographer has tweaked them. Enjoy this process no matter how stressful it may seem. Enjoy reminiscing about your wedding.
Celebrate your Anniversary

*post inspired by an article found on The Nest

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