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Signs you’re a Bridezilla

Bridezilla (“Bride” + “Godzilla”) is a term used to describe an unpleasant bride who leaves behind severely annoyed family, friends and bridal vendors in her manic quest for the perfect wedding.

It’s well known that most Brides want their wedding to be perfect, memorable and enjoyed by all – but at what cost? Some brides can start out ‘normal’ and within months or even weeks become a Bridezilla.

What are the signs that you may be on your way to suddenly becoming, or are currently in the midst of being a Bridezilla?

You change your mind constantly about wedding details, thus leaving your vendors in a state of confusion as to what ‘exactly’ you want. You’re not really sure what you want – because basically you want it all – so you throw your hands up in a fit of exhaustion and shout “I don’t know! I don’t know!”
Sometimes this kind of behaviour is followed by stomping of the feet, slamming of the doors, or balling of the eyes.

You’ve got a Wedding Planner and yet, you’re still micro-managing. You want to oversee every decision, every detail, and every vendor as if you’re a Manager.
You’re not – as a bride, you’re the celebrity – let vendors (a.k.a. professionals) do their job – you’re job is to smile, and be happy.

You’re requests (ahem, demands) are becoming more and more elaborate. You want each gerber daisy to have exactly 12 petals. You want every straw for your cocktails to be bent at a 90 degree angle.
You get the idea. This sign is in the same catagory as mico-managing. Just relax, and accept things for the way they are – you’ve accepted your Groom for the way he is right? Right? Oh gosh, we sure hope so.

You treat your wedding party like a mean teacher who isn’t afraid to use the strap would treat her school children. Your friendships are waning because of your bossiness and overly controling behaviour.

Your friends have gathered to help you celebrate your love and union with your Groom. Your wedding party are like the munchins in the Wizard of Oz – happy and cute characters that want to have fun. If you want them to help you walk down the yellow brick road (or, say, the aisle) you must act like Glinda the good witch, and not the Wicked Witch of the West – cause remember, a house fell on her head.

You get the idea, right? We just suggest that the best way to ward off the Bridezilla behaviour as a Bride is to be mindful. Know what your limits are with your groom, your family members, friends and vendors.
Look at the big picture – not all the small minute details that the average guest doesn’t even notice or care about. And, of course, let your Wedding Planner do their job – let them be the one who goes nuts on the cake decorator for using purple icing instead of blue, and let them tell the DJ that his song selections are so 20 years ago. You, just focus on being the Bride by enjoying the moment, and smiling.

Bridezillas don’t smile – they don’t know how to…and that my friend is the ultimate sign that you’ve morphed from a blushing bride to a Bridezilla! Eeeeeek!

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Do you have Bride Brain?

Is your wedding the only thing you are thinking about these days? Do you sit at work and daydream about centrepieces, and unique favours for your guests? Most Brides during the planning process are always thinking about their wedding in one way, shape or form.

“I shouldn’t eat that ice cream, I have a dress to fit into”
“Will my bridesmaid look good in that colour?”
“How much money do we have left in our budget for decorations?”
“I love that band! I have GOT to book them for our reception!”

For the next 12 months or less, you will be thinking about your wedding in some way or another. It’s normal.
This is the biggest day of your life, and you want it to be perfect. So, make notes, doodle your ideas on paper, create inspiration boards on-line, join bridal chat forums like BridalTweet, and read wedding & event related blogs. With all of the information you’ve gathered, all of the ideas you’ve seen, read, heard and collected, you are bound to have a little bit of what we in the industry call, “Bride Brain”.

Catherine from For Your Event Planning posted this image in a blog post on Jan 8th. Can you relate?

It’s okay to have Bride Brain – as long as you can still focus on other things like your career, your relationship with your fiance, your family and other social gatherings not directly related to your up-coming wedding. Have no shame in thinking, talking and dreaming about your wedding – that is just one of the many special things about being a Bride. You are only a Bride for a short while in your lifetime, so enjoy it and make the most of the time you have being the centre of attention – just be sure not to get carried away and become a Bridezilla.

Next post, we’ll show you the symptoms of being a Bridezilla. Will you need a prescription?
Check back to find out!

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