Hearing NO from a wedding vendor


Not too many people like being told NO, especially if you’re a Bride planning her wedding. But, it happens and you need to be ready to hear it. Asking your photographer to stay an extra 2 hours at the end of an already long 10 hour day at no charge might result with a NO. Asking for a discount at your venue because you’re getting married on a long weekend might result in a NO, especially since more weddings are taking place on long weekends and it costs the venue more money in staffing to make up for the holiday.Hearing NO from a vendor isn’t always a nice thing to hear, but it happens. Here are some tips to help you deal with the rejection:

1. Don’t get discouraged.

Just because they said NO, doesn’t mean they won’t say YES. If you are looking for an add-on or extra product/services, be sure to talk with your wedding vendor about your plans, ideas and wishes. There is always room for negotiation. If you own a business, try bartering for extra time or services – you’d be surprised what some people consider as a good trade.

If you have your heart set on a specific wedding vendor and they are already booked for your big day, ask them if they can refer you to someone else that has their similar style and fee. Many times vendors network and or have a list of vendors to refer to when they aren’t able to secure your date. Also, being referred by one vendor to another might result in a small discount – you just never know – so ask!

2. Have a back-up plan.

Your ceremony location originally said YES for you to have your nuptials there, but are now saying NO? This can be very frustrating and worrisome, but if you haven’t sent out invites yet, don’t fret! Check out other locations and be sure to tell them what happened – they might throw you a bone in the shape of a discount to ease the blow and win you over. If you have sent out invites, set up a wedding website stat! Update your site often and communicate it to your family and friends that you have a site dedicated to your wedding. Here you can change the ceremony location without spending money on a mail-out. Also, use your Bridal Showers as a way to communicate the change to your guests. Tell them in person, or include a little note in their Thank You Card (which should be sent out 1-2 wks after, and well before your wedding date).

3. Changing vendors

If you had something specific in mind for your wedding and were under the impression that this vendor could deliver (they told you so, or their site lead you to believe they could) and they are now telling you NO, make sure you talk to the owner/manager. If they are the one that are telling you NO, then consider changing vendors – if you have the time to do so, and if you are okay with potentially losing a deposit. Most vendors have non-refundable deposits. If you feel that you aren’t getting the product or service you agreed to and are having difficulties negotiating, then perhaps this vendor isn’t a good fit for you.

Here is one last word of advice regarding hearing NO. Try not to look for reasons to switch vendors because you simply aren’t getting your way. Many vendors want to impress and keep you happy so that they secure your trust, business and referrals. Also, changing your mind often and switching vendors will cost you money and time. Do your research, read reviews and be sure to meet your vendors in person (if possible) to see if you fit. We recommend that you meet with no more than 3 vendors per service (flowers, invites, etc) to help you make a decision of who you feel most comfortable with and who can provide you with the service or product you have in mind.

Good luck!

Consultations are a Bride’s best friend


Need help getting started with your wedding planning? Did you know that we offer Consultation meetings to help point you in the right direction? Consultation meetings are perfect for the Bride that just isn’t sure how, where or when to start the wedding planning process. With a Consultation, we’re able to assist you with formulating a budget, timeline and offer suggestions on location, decor and vendors. We start with a painless questionnaire, then we do some research (make some calls _ send some emails) and then we create a presentation tailored to your wedding planning needs. The presentation takes about an hour to review and we cap it off by providing you with documents to help with your planning.

How fabulous does this sound? If you’re a Bride that needs a little direction, then let’s set up a Consultation meeting. We’d love to be able to help you get started planning the wedding of your dreams!

Lily & Val’s Love Notes

With Valentine’s Day just a few days away, I wanted to post about a company that has stolen my affection. Since I’m a big fan of chalkboard design (a la my re-branded website), I fell in love with the designs by Lily _ Val. They offer a variety of love notes that you can order for your Groom-to-be, family members or friends, AND, they recently launched a category specifically for weddings! Check out some of the Chalkboard Art you can get from them to incorporate into your big day here.

What type of card will you be gifting to your love this Valentine’s Day? Funny, cute, romantic?

Here are just a few of my favs from talented Valerie of Lily _ Val…

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Changing your wedding venue


adorable flower girl dresses
So you booked a wedding venue you thought was perfect because it fit within your budget, but the more you thought about it, the more you thought you may have made a mistake. This sometimes happens when planning a wedding, and it’s okay. Here are some tips on what to do, and what to look for when changing your wedding venue.

1. Try to retrieve any deposits you may have placed on your original choice.

Most venues require a deposit to secure your wedding date, so be sure when you agree to a location you are checking the fine print. Luckily for one of my August couples, they had 6 months to change their mind and get their deposit back.

2. Make sure your new venue has capacity for your guests.

Don’t let the added services, location or decor blind you. Make sure your new choice will allow your guests to enjoy themselves comfortably. Don’t change to a cocktail reception (standing room only) if your heart is set on a sit-down meal.

3. Be sure to tell any vendors you have already booked.

Don’t leave anyone in the dark. Connect with your chosen vendors now (even though you will be talking to them a lot over the planning process) to make sure they are aware that you changed venues. Depending on the location, this may increase travel costs, or it could remove some. Keep everyone on the same page.

4. One stop location?

Can your new venue accommodate your ceremony and cocktail hour? Changing venues that allow for a one stop event is in my opinion, the best kind of venues. If your religion or culture requires you to wed in a church, that’s understandable, but if not, see if you can host your entire wedding day at your venue. Less travel, less potential issues.

5. Budget for the change.

Last minute changes (6-8 mths before your wedding) may bring added costs, or could include discounts as the venue wants to fill the date quickly. Either way, make sure you consider your budget when booking your new venue. Will there be added fees for rentals of chairs and tables that your original venue included? Will you need to rent portable washrooms in order to host the event outdoors? If you have to increase your budget, try to reduce your costs in other areas (transportation specifically if you’re planning a one stop event).