Merry Christmas!

Wishing all of my clients, friendors, fans, followers and family a very Merry Christmas! Hope that you have a happy and healthy holiday season filled with lots of love and laughter.


To my clients: Enjoy your last holiday season as an engaged couple because next year, you’ll be MARRIED! My team and I are ever-so-excited about assisting you on your big day and are counting down the days just as you are! xo

To my friendors: The wedding industry is packed with vendors that provide services, but I’m so thankful that I’ve found a select few that offer services that are above the rest. Wishing you many happy memories this Christmas, and I look forward to working alongside you next year.

To my Facebook, Twitter _ Instagram peeps: Be sure to reach out and say HI so that I can ‘like’ and ‘follow’ you too. Many more Real Weddings will be featured in my feed as the months roll out – so stay tuned! Merry Christmas to you and yours.

And lastly, to my Family: Words can’t express how much love and respect I have for all of you.

As you get older, you realize that you can’t take your parents for granted as you may have once did as a child or teenager. The closeness I share with my parents is one of the best gifts I could ever receive. They have taught me many things over the years, and to know they are proud of me is one of the best feelings ever.

My bro _ SIL – thank you for being two cool people to hang out with and for giving me two of the most adorable nephews around. I look forward to helping you shape these little boys into men that we’ll all be proud of.

The bf – You have been the best thing to happen to me this year (other than the totally wicked, awesome re-brand of Bride’s Butler). Because of you I have learned many new things about myself, and have fully accepted why things happen the way they do. Our instant connection and familiarity from days of past is something that I still can’t seem to grasp is real – like I need to pinch myself every time I remember moments we shared together as teenagers. Love truly is the best thing in this world and we all need to spread a little more of it every day.

My bestie – You light up my life. For the past 16 years you have been “my person” and for that I thank you and wish you nothing but the ultimate level of happiness. You are well on your way to achieving it and I can’t wait to see what 2014 brings for you!

So, Merry Christmas to all – thank you for being a part of my life and the journey that has been and will continue to be for Bride’s Butler.

I’m an Aunt again!

I’m an Aunt again! My brother _ sister-in-law welcomed their 2nd son, Ryan Jackson on Dec 8th giving my little nephew Cole a baby brother. I’m sure if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you’ve noticed that Cole is a big part of my life, and it will be the same with Ryan. Some days I can’t remember what our family was like before he came along. We must have been so boring.


Now with two little guys to love, I wondered about Brides who have nieces, nephews or cousins that will be wee babies at their wedding. Having children or not having children at your wedding as I posted about here is totally different than having babies or not having babies at your wedding.

When a mom is breast feeding, it is difficult for her to leave her baby to attend a wedding. And when that mom has a toddler or child that is invited to the wedding, it might be hard on her feelings that the baby wasn’t invited. So, do you or don’t you include babies in your guest list?

Many times I hear from Brides that don’t want babies to be crying during their ceremony, and I get that. But, is it nice to ask them to leave the church or location because baby isn’t settling? As much as your wedding is about you and your Groom, it is also a day about other people, so you need to take others feelings into consideration for every aspect of your big day.

When the day comes for me to tie the knot, I can’t imagine not having Cole there – and I’m almost positive that I will want Ryan there too whether he is a baby or a toddler. But, how will that affect the day and evening of my brother and SIL? I think the best thing to do is have the kiddos at your ceremony and then see if another relative (perhaps my SIL’s parents or brother) can take the kids for the evening so that my brother and his wife can enjoy their evening. And I’m not saying that couples can’t enjoy themselves while caring for their children, but as a few of my Brides mentioned, no one really wants to hear a baby cry, or even wail at the top of their lungs at such a happy occasion.

So, what’s your plan for your wedding? Kids, or no kids? Babies or no babies? Remember though, that sometimes even adults will act like babies when they don’t get their own way, so choose wisely.

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