Don’t Be That Guy (or Girl) {Wedding Photography}

I saw this video online and immediately thought of some guests I’ve seen at weddings trying to capture every moment, from every angle with their phone, camera or video camera. I know that almost everyone has a phone and or a camera and they want to use it during a wedding – but you must do it discreetly – and from your seat. Let the professionals that the Bride _ Groom have selected and paid a pretty penny for do their job and capture the photos…which you will likely end up seeing on the newlyweds Facebook Page, or on the Photographers blog/social media sites.


Sometimes couples do encourage that guests take photos and share them to FB, Twitter or Instagram and will even include a hashtag on the programs so that others can see the pictures, and so they can relive their big day later on – but we beg of you, and so does this Photographer that you take photos respectfully, always keeping the Bride _ Groom in mind. You should never be a distraction to them, or an interference with the professionals working. Simply put in this video – enjoy the moment along with the couple.

Do you see yourself as one of those guys or girls in the video? I sure hope not! Unless the couple has specifically asked you to take photos for them – please remain seated, out of the aisle and away from the photo shoot.