Who’s an “Expert?”

For a while there you’d see the word ‘epic’ being used for all most anything. From a tasty burger to accomplishing a skill testing task and even for photographs – everything was ‘epic’. I had always disagreed with the wide use of this word, for in my mind, things that are epic are to be life changing, mind blowing and essentially unforgettable. I’m not sure if 10 years down the road you will remember how delicious that burger was, or how cool you thought that photo was.

Another word that I think is used quite often is “expert.” There is no way anyone can truly be an expert if as humans, we are always learning. Learning from our past, our present experiences and situations and also from lessons yet to be learned. If you have one child, does that make you a parenting ‘expert’? What if you have three? Then you must be a parenting whiz. If you’ve ever eaten an entire pizza in one sitting (come on, admit you have), then does that make you an expert in telling others how you accomplished it? Perhaps you were just hungry.

My point here is that many professionals call themselves or are referred to by others as experts, and I want to get real with you here for a moment… no one can truly be an expert in any given field. We can be educated and knowledgeable about the subject or task. We can be passionate and creative and we can be skilled in executing said profession or position. I have been referred to as a Wedding Industry Expert before, and although flattering, I’m not an expert. The Wedding Industry, like most things in life is constantly changing and growing (sounds like people, eh?). Trends change, new businesses are formed and others fold. To be an expert in this field is a hefty title, and I’m okay with not referring to myself as one. What I can say is that I’m in love with being a Wedding Coordinator – I treat it like I would any relationship. I take pride in it, I nurture it and I grow along with it. I learn from my choices and I continue to network, educate myself and simply give it my all.

So, who do you think is an “Expert?” Do you agree with me that we’re all just simply doing our best with the talents and skills we are given? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, leave a comment below!