What do you love about weddings?

Someone asked me the other day why I love weddings. There isn’t just one thing, but many. And it’s not so much about the things as to why I love weddings, but more of how weddings make me feel. Weddings are about two people in love proclaiming their love and commitment to one another. They’re about promises, hopes and dreams. What I love about weddings is in actuality, the love.

But, aside from the feeling and all the mush – I love other things about weddings too. Like, the atmosphere – all of the fine details coming together to form one big picture. If done right, your guests will walk into your reception and will smile, gasp or even laugh at all of the personalization and details you’ve worked so hard to bring to life on your special day.

What I love about weddings is the coming together of family and friends. Hearing the laughter during the speeches, seeing the tears being wiped away as the couple says “I do” and watching everyone get down and boogie on the dance floor! What I love about weddings are seeing the Bridesmaids care for the blushing Bride – making sure her hair is just so, and that she’s comfortable and having a good time. I love to see the Groomsmen bonding with their buddy, the Groom. Watching them clink their beer bottles, pat him on the back and simply smile at him as he smiles at his Bride.

There are many things that I love about weddings. What do you love about them? Do they remind you of how lucky you are to have found your life partner, or do they provide you with hope for love that has yet to come? Do they make you smile, laugh and dance? Weddings are a beautiful thing. There’s a reason why this tradition is still around to this day…weddings make people feel good.

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