Your Fairytale Awaits…

Your Fairytale Awaits…for a pretty penny of course. Who said money can’t buy happiness?

In Disney World, happiness is around every corner. As you read this, I’m in the ‘most magical place on earth’ for a much needed, much deserved vacation. So, I figured what better time than now to post about Disney’s Wedding Couture Gowns.

Created for Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings by Kirstie Kelly these stunning dresses are named after Disney Princesses. Here are a few of the gowns offered – can you imagine yourself wearing one surrounded by blue birds, flowers and of course, your Prince Charming?

The Ariel gown has halter straps and a jewel on the bodice. The fabric is a shimmery silk with a mermaid-like “wave” hem. (shown)
The Belle gown is strapless and incorporates lace, ribbon and bands of satin. The ballgown skirt features taffeta and tulle flowers.
The Jasmine gown is a champagne-colored column dress channels the exotic, fiery beauty of this princess, complete with chiffon and satin with beadwork clusters. It also features an empire waist, appliquéd lace, embroidery, and draping.

The Cinderella gown is elegantly simple. It takes the form of an iconic bridal dress, and is made of silk tulle and duchesse satin with scattered crystals and embroidered beading.

Also just announced, Alfred Angelo is teaming up with Disney to offer Wedding Gowns too! Check out a video about the partnership here.

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Are you a DIY Bride?

DIY = Do It Yourself.

You know you’re a DIY kind of gal when you like to paint, draw or illustrate (in pencil or using computer software). You also like to make homemade gifts for friends and family, and take pride in your skills. Whether you sew, scrapbook, cook, bake or create – you like to do it all by yourself.
When in comes to planning your wedding and all the little details, you might want to go the DIYroute simply to ‘save money’ – but this isn’t always so as you will have to buy all the materials and tools needed, plus factor in some time to make everything – and depending on your ideas, if it’s for each guest, that could be a quantity upwards of 100+. We like to recommend vendors to our clients to take care of these things, but if you’re adamant that you must make it all yourself, here are a few DO’s for DIYers according to DIY expert, Khris Cochran.

1. DO be decisive. Nothing will sabotage your DIY experience more than being wishy-washy about your projects. Once you get a solid theme or project idea down, stick with it, or you’ll waste precious time and resources (and drive yourself crazy).

2. DO start early. Most DIYers vastly underestimate the time needed to complete big projects and end up stressed, over budget, and completely burnt out. My handy little tip: Expect each project to take double the time you expect to complete it and budget that into your calendar.

3. DO get help. DIY ≠ DIA (do it alone). Enlist friends and family to lend a hand with the big stuff. There’s no better way to get the party started early than with some craft nights with your nearest and dearest. Pour your favorite beverages and get cozy with your crafty selves.

4. DO shop around for supplies. Spending a few hours comparison shopping can save you hundreds of dollars on tools and materials. Look for store coupons, sign up for retailers’ newsletters (a good source for advance notice of sales and discounts) and always check shipping costs when shopping online, because that can often make an online purchase more expensive than if you bought locally.
5. DO forget perfection. The beauty of DIY items is that you made them by hand. Little flaws are absolutely okay. Embrace the fact that you’re not a machine!
* This post was inspired and based on The DYI Bride’s Top 10 Tips for a One-of-a-Kind Wedding on

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….it’s a surprise wedding!

If you’re a Bride that wants as little ‘hoopla’ has possible to surround you before and during your wedding day, then having a surprise wedding is one way to achieve that. No fussing over you, no fighting over all the little decisions, no ‘hoopla’.

Clients of The Bride’s Butler are having a surprise wedding. I can’t tell you who, or when, or where – but I can tell you that we are so excited to be a part of their unique event! Having a surprise wedding includes a bit more logistics then the ‘average’ wedding, but it can be done. We’re looking forward to this ‘experiment’ as we’ve yet to provide Day of Coordination services for such an event.

Most surprise parties are for birthdays or retirements, but surprise weddings are happening more often as couples want to make their day more personalized, unique, memorable – and of course make their day more about the gathering and celebration than about the “Bride & Groom”.

Stay tuned for a post after the surprise wedding for details….

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Falling in love with Fall

As a Bride you either know that you want a Fall wedding or you don’t. Some Brides would prefer the bright colours and sunshine of the summer, or some would rather have a pastel infused spring wedding, and then there are others that want the crisp, romantic feeling of a winter wedding. Pick a season that speaks to you.  I love Fall.
It’s so rustic – so natural and just oh-so-awesome!
Pumpkins, hay bails, leaves and corn stalks
Gold, brown, sage green, orange and red
Cider, apple pie, cinnamon and cream
I love the season of Fall…..for me, it’s the perfect time of year to fall in love or say I do.
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