Ways to keep your guests entertained

There are many ways to keep your guests entertained at your wedding. Two of the most popular are food and music. Serve delicious food, and play good music – easy. But, there are other ways to keep your guests entertained during your wedding.

Ceremony Fan & Word Search

If your wedding is outside, and in the summer – having a paper fan for your guests is a good idea. To keep them entertained while they wait for you to arrive, make the fan into a Word Search. You can pick words that pertain to the ceremony like vows, I do, etc….or you can pick words that describe you and your hubs-to-be.

He Says, She Says Game
Print out a page that offers quotes, one-liners or facts about the Bride & Groom and let your guests guess who said (or did) what. This game is great for the cocktail hour, or during dinner.
5 Things About
A great way to get your guests talking during dinner is to offer 5 (or 10) things about yourselves. Where you met, first date, who said I love you first, etc. Not only will this table talker get your guests chatting, but it will help those that are plus-one’s feel a connection to you as well.
I Spy
Create a list of pictures that you would like captured from your special day and give it to your guests. You can give this to your guests when they arrive, or place it on the tables. You should include an email address you want the pictures captured sent to, or offer a few disposable cameras to each table. The quality won’t be that good, but you’ll know your guests were entertained tracking down the shots.
There are many ways to entertain your guests, just be sure that you factor this element into your planning. Your wedding is a full day for most of your guests, so make it fun and worth their while. Plus, you want to be the wedding that they brag about to their friends as the best wedding they went to.
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Family Matters

As your Day of Coordinator, it is my duty and responsibility to make sure that your plans and ideas for your wedding are brought to life. It’s my job to make sure that the timeline that we agreed upon together is followed to the best of our abilities. It is me who will communicate updates and changes on your behalf with your vendors such as your DJ, Photographer, Venue Coordinator and Florist. I’m the middle man between you and well, pretty much everyone else….including your family members.

If you have an over-bearing parent, or an Aunt/Uncle/Wedding Party Member that has to have their say, please do us all a favour and inform them about me prior to your wedding day. You should tell your immediate family and wedding party that you’ve hired a Day of Coordinator so that your wedding goes smoothly and on time. To be realistic, things will change, the timeline will become a guideline, but in the end, that’s my worry – not yours, or your parents.

I understand that parents and family members want the best for you for your special day, but assure them that we’ve discussed your wedding in length and that everything is taken care of. Tell your family and wedding party that you want them to enjoy the day as well, and that if they have a suggestion or concern that they should see your Coordinator. It’s our job to be quick thinkers, problem solvers, negotiators and mediators.

If you have someone that you think will interfere on your wedding day, it is definitely a good idea to hire a Day of Coordinator. Let us be the bad guy, so that you can be the blushing Bride and simply enjoy your wedding day with your husband.

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Can you BIELieve it?

The teenager inside me is crying a little over the official display of the engagement between Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake. Like a lot of gals, I had a mad crush on JT – and well, I still do. Who am I kidding, he’s gorgeous. Right?

Justin is a relationship man – he stays with his women for about 4 years, and then gets the itch to move on. Britney, Cameron and now Jessica. In true Timberlake fashion, these two did break up after 4 years together only to reunite last year and then seal the deal with a proposal over Christmas. I was hoping that he’d be like Clooney and never settle down, but it looks like there will be a summer wedding after all.

So, not only has Jessica snagged an attractive, multi-talented guy, but she got herself a huge rock as well!
Take a look at her diamond. What’s your thoughts? Too big? I think it looks like an heirloom, but I hear it was custom made.

If you’re not into celebrities and their weddings, then you likely don’t care for this post, but since I love weddings and enjoy the odd gossip magazine, I know that this engagement/wedding will be one that I’ll follow. Since they are such a private couple, you likely won’t see too much from their “I do’s” – but I’m so curious to see how it all unfolds. They say the planning has begun…stay tuned.

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