2011 Trend Alert: Broach Bouquets

I’ve seen them pop up on wedding blogs and in magazines. They are stunningly beautiful, elegant and colourful. A broach bouquet is a great way to incorporate your ‘something old’ into your wedding as well as pay homage to family heirlooms. Having a bouqet made with broaches is also eco-chic.
A broach bouquet is a delightful pairing to a more casual dress. Rather than beading, jewels and details on your gown, your bouquet is your ‘wow’ factor while walking down the aisle – other than your beaming smile of course!

To see some broach bouqets, how to’s and learn about how much it will cost you to make one of these beauts, visit The Vegas Wedding Planner Blog, Belle: The Magazine or Calgary Bride Blog.

Also gaining popularity are Button Bouquets which offer more of a rustic, do-it-yourself feel.
If you don’t want to make these bouquets yourself, check out Miss Jennifer Rae for Button Bouquets on Etsy. This website has fabulous vendors that you can order from and get items shipped right to your door step!

We think that this trend will crop up more and more this season. Email us if you are making or buying a broach or button bouquet, or if you know a friend who is. We’d love to see the pictures and feature them on the blog!

*Thanks to the above mentioned blogs for inspiring this post
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Wedding Planners

Not really sure what a Wedding Planner does?

Here are the basics of what we, The Bride’s Butler can do, and how we help you with your most special day.

  • We’re experts in the Wedding Industry and are in the know of todays trends. Our knowledge can help you save money, time and stress searching online, in magazines and with vendors.
  • We’ve got connections. We can help you secure trusted professionals (Friendors) that often extend discounts to clients of certified Wedding Planners.
  • We’re there for you. A Wedding Planner works for you – not for your venue, or your photographer, or for your crazy Auntie Carla – we are working for you – the happy couple. Your wish is our command (within reason of course!)
  • Wedding Planners will take time to discuss your needs, ideas and wants for your wedding. We help you problem solve, answer questions, point you in the right direction and help guide you through a fun, yet often  stressful planning process.
  • We do not plan your entire wedding and make it our own. It is your wedding day, and we make sure that your personalities shine through in all of your decisions. There are lot’s of choices when planning, in fact you will make over 177 decisions before you walk down the aisle.
  • We’re organized. We can provide you with spreadsheets and timelines to help you stay organized too.
  • We can be your personal therapist. Like we’ve said, wedding planning can be stressful, and when other opinions are involved (mothers, sisters, cousins, bridesmaids, etc) it can get frustrating. We are here for you – for an ear to vent to, a shoulder to cry on and to play the role of ‘negotiator’.
  • Wedding Planners can be hired for Full Wedding Planning where we are with you every step of the way. We help guide your decisions, source vendors and resources and work towards saving you time, money and stress.
  • Wedding Planners can also be Wedding Coordinators. This role is for Day of Coordination services – where you plan your wedding, but we make the magic happen. You can’t be too places at once. We take care of all the details so that you can enjoy being a blushing Bride.
  • We are affordable. Wedding Planners aren’t as expensive as you think. Ask any Bride who didn’t hire a Planner and they would tell you that they wish they did. Hindsight is 20/20. In comparison for what you pay for your photographer, florist, dress and cake – we are very affordable for the services we provide.

So, think you have a better idea as to what a Wedding Planner does? Still not sure? Check out our website, or come visit us tonight at the Ancaster Wedding Show.

Questions? We love meeting with Brides-to-be and their Grooms for a complimentary coffee & chat so we can discuss how we can work together and be your official “Bride’s Butler”.

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Keep Calm…

And Hire A Planner.

A relaxed Bride is what we aim to achieve when assisting couples with our popular “Day of Coordination” services. A calm Bride is one that trusts their Planner and enjoys their day.
Stress Less. We just can’t say it enough.
More and more couples are turning to Wedding Planners to help them with their wedding plans because there are simply too many options, decisions and things to do before your big day.

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We’ll be on hand to answer questions, give advice and inform you about the services we offer to help you “stress less”. Plus, only at the show will we be offering you the chance to WIN additional savings on our services – with our “Choose a Love Quote” game. You might select a famous “love quote” or you might get a “service quote” – saving you money on our packages and services! We’ll have prizes like $200 off Full Wedding Planning, $100 off Day of Coordination, free Bride & Groom T-shirts and free online Consultations!

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Looking forward to seeing you at the show!

*Special thanks to @tailoredpants from Twitter for this taking my idea and making this fabulous image! Love ya Samantha!

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Bad Bridesmaids

Bad Bridesmaids – it’s more common than you think.

You ask your friends to be in your wedding party because you want them to take joy in your special day. Most will say ‘yes’ because they are honoured and couldn’t imagine not being by your side for when you say “I do” and others say ‘yes’ because they want to show you love and support during a very stressful time. Then there are some who say ‘yes’ simply out of obligation – whether that be because of past history with them, or because they are family. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes Brides will ask family, future family-to-be and friends to be Bridesmaids because they feel obligated to do so, but either way, once you say ‘yes’ and become a Bridesmaid you have accepted a position – you have given your word – you have made a commitment to what most consider an honour.

As a Bridesmaid (BM) or Maid or Matron of Honour (MOH) you have a few responsibilities, including but not limited to:

– supporting the Bride & her decisions

– planning and hosting of a Bridal Shower, helping with food & assisting with games

– tag along to as many vendor meetings as possible as requested by the Bride to give your support
– remembering that this is your friends day, so showing respect & tact in all you do

– coordinating a Stag & Doe, selling tickets and attending the event

– planning & attending a Bachelorette Party

– other tasks requested by the couple (within reason of course!)

– As MOH you are the signing witness at the ceremony and you hold the Bride’s bouquet for her

Being a bridesmaid is truly an honour and a job to take seriously. Being in a Wedding Party can be expensive, most Brides know this and try to accommodate the best they can by providing payment for hair or make-up on the day of, but mostly as a Bridesmaid you will incur most of the costs. You will likely need to pay for the dress, shoes, accessories (unless given as a thank you gift from the Bride), hair, make-up, Bridal Shower expenses, travel, accommodations, and a gift (typically given by all members of the wedding party to save money). On average you can expect to spend $500 plus when accepting to be a BM or MOH.

If you are unsure of your role and your duties, ask the Bride. Organized Brides will offer you an itinerary, or a friendly budget breakdown as a guide. If you don’t think you can handle the responsibilities, time and expenses after you have said ‘yes’ don’t feel bad about talking to the Bride and seeing if you can respectfully decline. Most Brides will understand and will place you in a role like Program Attendant, or they can be a reader during your ceremony so that you can still participate in the event. Whatever you do, don’t become a Bad Bridesmaid.

Traits of a Bad Bridesmaid are:

– Not getting along with other members of the Wedding Party.

– Showing up late or not at all to wedding related festivities (Shower, Stag & Doe, Rehearsal)

– Dismissing the requests of the Bride (“No, I will not wear those shoes”)

– Blatantly trying to upstage the Bride in any way, shape or form. It is her day, not yours.

– Getting rip roaring drunk at any wedding related festivities, especially the wedding.

– Talking poorly about the Bride, Groom or family members to other members of the Wedding Party, or anyone else for that matter.

So Brides, how do you deal with Bad Bridesmaids? There are many ways, but the best way is to be respectful, tactful and truthful. Tell (don’t ask) them to discontinue their role. If this ends the friendship, better to find out now and move on. If it doesn’t, as she may feel relieved to have the duty taken away, then place her among other guests so that she can still enjoy your wedding day. For more help on how to deal, give us a call for a Consultation or scour the Internet for tips.

No matter what, there are going to be people that will put a damper on your wedding planning process.
Try not to stress out too much, and keep in mind what you can do for your Bridesmaids to make the experience pleasurable for them and everyone else that’s involved.
Good luck!

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