Tick tock…don’t watch the clock!

When I meet with clients for Day of Coordination meetings to discuss all of the plans, logistics and requirements for their wedding day, I always tell them there’s no such thing as too much information. I want to know every single detail, your vision for the day and the timing of the event. It’s always best for your Coordinator to have more information than not enough. Part of DOC services includes assistance with formulating your wedding day timeline. This is the document I will use the most that day and it helps me stay organized while executing the wedding. It tells me when items/services are being delivered or dropped off, when vendors are starting/finishing, how long dinner will be and so on. I’m a big believer that the vendors and myself should be the only ones that have this timeline. We’re the ones making the magic happen, so we need to work together in a timely manner to ensure that the wedding goes off without a hitch!

What I’m not a fan of is this:

The only times your guests need to be aware of is your ceremony start time, cocktail hour and when dinner is to be served. All other things like photos, cake cutting, bouquet toss, first dance, etc are not necessary. Things will change throughout your big day – this is a guarantee. Anytime you are executing a large event with lot’s of people the timing will not be exact. This is my job to concern myself with – not yours or your 100+ guests. Remember, ‘what they don’t know, won’t hurt them’. I’ll make sure to give you heads up when it’s time for your speech, to cut the cake, have your first dance and toss your bouquet.

So my advice, leave the timeline with me and let everyone else, including you and your Groom enjoy the day.

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Award winning hair style?

Watching the 2013 People’s Choice Awards the other week I noticed that tight up-do’s were popular and wondered if we’ll see styles like that this year for weddings? They can be sleek, but also fun by incorporating braids. What do you think about these 3 styles worn by celebs at the Award show?

Which is your favourite and how are you planning on styling your hair for your big day?

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