Imitation is the best form of flattery
Need ideas for your wedding but are sick of looking in magazines and on blogs? You can always get inspired by weddings you’ve attended, or from what you see on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest – but here’s an idea….what about looking at the portfolios of some fabulous Wedding Photographers to see what other Brides _ Groom’s have done?
Taking a peek at their photos not only showcases their work and style, but can also give you ideas on things like your centrepieces, flowers, decor and even your dress, jewelry and hairstyle!
Check out some of the beautiful and inspiring photos from the following Photogs we adore, like:



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What a busy season!


three Tier wedding veil
Diane, Owner/Lead Coordinator with Natalie _ Jason – June 16/12.

Two more weddings to go and then it looks like we’re done with our 2012 wedding season – unless of course we get some last minute bookings for October to December.

In 2010, we were booked solid with Fall weddings, 2011 had a mixture of both Fall _ Summer and this year it seems like Spring and Summer were the hot seasons to say “I do.”

This season we’re honoured to have assisted with the execution of 9 weddings – that’s a lot of gigs for this  part-time business. Since June, we’ve had a wedding almost every second or third weekend, with meetings, consultations and rehearsals slotted in between. Whew!

We can’t wait to show you pictures from awesome Photographers we had the chance to work with including Ikonica (Porsha _ Will), Elizabeth in Love (Morgan _ Adam) and some we still have yet to look forward to working with like Unveil Photography  and the bridal veil from bestweddingveil(Brooke _ Richard).

Congrats to all the newlyweds from this year, and to the remaining couples; we can’t wait to be by your side on your most special day!

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Save the date for 2013

Most clients book Day of Coordination services with us 9-12 months in advance. If you’re getting married in 2013, we suggest you save the date now! Having a professional and certified Coordinator on hand to execute your vision and ensure your vendors are providing the services agreed upon helps you to enjoy your day as a Bride, and not a Bridezilla. Stress brings out the worst in people, and you don’t deserve to feel overwhelmed on the most important day of your life.

Our Day of Coordination package is 30+ hours of support and services. We provide you with documents to keep you organized, are with you for up to 12 hours on your wedding day and offer vendor recomendations and etiquette advice. We’ll be your go-to gals for any issues that arise, any questions you might have and any mishaps that might occur. Weddings are a grand event, and you just simply can’t coordinate all of the logistics yourself. Plus, you surely don’t want to burden your family members or wedding party with the fine details and tasks either – they should be able to enjoy your special day right along with you.

Send us an email, give us a shout or even tweet us to set up a complimentary meeting so we can discuss how you can stress less on your wedding day with our popular Day of Coordination services.

* Picture from Backwards Life

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Be Our Guest

To invite a plus one, or not to invite a plus one – that has
been a debatable question for quite some time.

If you’re on a budget, the first way to save is to cut the
guest list. A good rule of thumb is; if you haven’t had a sit down meal with
them in a year, then they shouldn’t be invited to your wedding. This of course
doesn’t apply to relatives or close friends that live in another
Province/State/Country. Best thing to do is create your list of everyone you
want to celebrate with (including your side and his side – get names from both
sets of parents too!) and then make some cuts. If you really have to struggle
with the decision, let that show you that you likely wouldn’t be upset if they
RSVP’d “No”, so save yourself the possible added cost and just don’t invite

Bet I sound pretty cut throat right now, huh? Wait, there’s

Now that you have your list of guests you must have at your
wedding, you have to figure out what to do about those sans relationship. This
poses the question of inviting a plus one.

Here’s my take: If your guest is currently single and isn’t
dating anyone for more than 6 months, then they shouldn’t get a plus one.  If they have been in a relationship for longer
than 6 months, then they should be invited – you wouldn’t have wanted someone
to exclude you when you were with your hubs-to-be at the 6 month mark, right?

Plus, I think it’s silly to offer a “plus one” just so your
guest can invite someone they are casually dating (and you’ve likely never met)
just so that they can have a date. If you invite all of your single guests on
their own, then volia, they’ve got company – and you could be a possible

Now, I know that this might sound mean, but if you’re trying to cut costs, less people = less money spent. So, if you feel that you have to allow your guest to have a date so that they don’t respond “No”, or are embarrassed to show up stag, or are going to be bored – then be all means invite them with a plus one. Just know you might have to reduce your spending in other areas like flowers, decor, etc to make up the difference.
When inviting a plus one, it’s standard etiquette to get their
full name – so get on the phone, or send an email so you can properly address
the invitation to your guest and their date. This is VERY important for guests
that have a serious relationship by means of living with or being engaged. You
MUST address them by their name – they are an official couple. Stating “ &
guest” is very informal, and it’s rude to be referred to as that in the seating
chart and or place cards. Eeek!

So, will you or won’t you include the plus one for your
single guests? No matter what you choose, stick with it and don’t allow some
guests to bring a date and others can’t. You should either follow what we’ve
suggested, or make your own rules, but no matter what, be firm. When your guest
gets to plan their wedding, they’ll see for themselves that the plus one question
isn’t so easy after all.

Happy planning!

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