For the guys: Picking out a ring

Attention boys! So, you want to pop the question to the girl you love and couldn’t imagine spending the rest of your life without, right? Asking her seems like the easy part, but in order to do so you have to have a ring. Picking out a ring may seem daunting, so we’ve got 4 easy steps to help you pick out the perfect diamond for your soon-to-be fiancee.


1. Budget.

Empty your pockets, piggy bank and cup holders in your car. You know what I mean, I bet there are tons of coins in there. They say the average guy should budget to spend a minimum of 3 months salary on a ring. What do I think of that? I say, spend what you can afford. If you have to purchase her ring from Kijiji, then do it. She might like that it’s vintage – only you know how she will react to a ‘used’ ring. If you can only afford a few thousand, which is standard, then shop around. Look for deals and read reviews. Do your homework – ask friends, you never know who knows someone that might help you with a sale. Either way, save up for a few months so that you’re at least able to take your lady out for a fine dinner after you’ve popped the question.

2. Be Sherlock Holmes

You will need to be a little sneaky in the months and weeks leading up to buying the ring – and I don’t mean sneaky as in sleazy. You may have to tell a few white lies as to where you’re going and what you’re up to,but it will all be worth it in the end. Just make sure you play your cards right, you wouldn’t want her to think you are cheating or on the verge of a break-up because you’re acting weird around her. Put your thinking cap on and grab a magnifying glass because you’ll have to play sleuth. Before you buy a ring you will need to know her ring size (try to ‘borrow’ one from her jewelry box that she won’t know is missing to get it sized), you will need to know what type of gold she prefers (yellow, white or rose) and what kind of cut she likes (princess, cushion, round) and lastly, will she want a solitaire or multiple stones? If you want to be totally ballsy, you can just get her ring size and then go shopping for a ring you like. Even though she’s the one wearing it for the rest of her life, you are the one giving it to her. So, feel free to pick one you think she’ll like, and for everyone’s sake, let’s hope she does!

3. Shop.

Check out a few stores (start at the mall to make your life easy). Visit the standard jewlery shops and ask them questions. You will learn a whole lot about rings and diamonds, which means you are an educated buyer. Bravo.If you are on a strict budget, look for sales. Buying a discontinued ring could save you hundreds, even thousands. Just make sure the ring you choose has a matching band. You don’t want to pick one that doesn’t have a mate and then have to pay for a custom band. Can we say sh*tshow?

4. Propose!

After the last nerve racking weeks (or months) you are now ready to pop the question! How you do this is all up to you. Once the wedding planning starts, you may not get much of a say on decisions, so take advantage of making this decision all on your own. Don’t copy a buddy, or reenact a scene from a movie. Be original. Think of what she might like. Be creative. But mostly, just be yourself.

Oh! And as a lady, here are a few extra tips to help you out….

1. Ask her Father (or parents) for their blessing if you have a close relationship with them. They might be expecting it, or they could care less, but doing so shows that you care and are taking this decision seriously.

2. Try to use her full name – it sounds cheesy, but you see it all the time in the movies and most girls want a swoon worthy moment they can re-tell over and over to their friends.

3. Lastly, if she is a girly girl, make sure her nails are done. She won’t want to show off her rock with chipped polish. Send her out for a manicure before you pop the question, it will get you scoring big points well before she even says “YES”.

Good luck!!