One of the most important aspects of a wedding (other than the vows of course) is the food.
As more and more couples are trying to make their wedding unique, and sometimes in crazy off the wall ways, I went looking for ideas on how to be different, yet still remain classy.

I was on a wedding blog the other day and came across a few ideas for favours and buffets that I thought were very creative…and also looked very yummy!

Cookies & Milk
What a great idea this is instead of your typical late night buffet. Serve shots of cold milk (you could have strawberry and chocolate flavoured ones too) and pair them up with homemade cookies – perhaps the Grooms favourite? Serve this idea either laid out on a table with some cookies wrapped ‘to-go’ with the recipe attached on a nice label with ribbon, or have this comforting treat served to guests on a tray (pictured) – only be sure each guest gets a napkin with their homemade treat.
This idea would also be a good one if children are at the reception. What child wouldn’t like some milk & cookies before they are shuttled home to bed by mom and dad?
Ice Cream Sundae Bar     
This would be fantastic for not only a summer wedding, but for the theme of a Bridal Shower. It’s a little messier than some regular dessert/snack options, but can be personalized by your guests by what they top their ice cream with! Offer all kinds of different toppings – ranging from the classic like coloured sprinkles to the not so classic like pretzel pieces. Display all of the toppings in nice dishes and be sure to have title tags for each so your guests know what they’re eating. A sure way to eliminate some of the mess would be to have your venue
pre-scoop ice cream into dishes for your guests.
What a fantatsic idea….and don’t forget the cherry on top!
When I saw this idea I wanted to whip out my fondue set and try it right then! What a wonderful idea! I think this idea would be best suited as a dessert, where each table would have their own fondue set and goodies needed to make the yummy summer treat! Can you imagine the sight of all of your guests huddled around the centre of their tables making s’mores? Fantastic pictures!
Along with this treat, you have to have wet naps available as it could get a little messy.
There are plenty of different ways to have your favourite dessert or snack available at your wedding for your guests to enjoy along with you.
Think about some of the things you enjoyed as a child, or about treats you shared with your fiance during your courtship. Almost any idea can be brought to life these days. Use your imagination!
Ask your Wedding Planner for some ideas if you’re having troubles thinking of something different and creative. We at The Bride’s Butler can find almost anything you need to satsify your sweet tooth.
Bon Appetite!
Pictures provided by www.bridalpartytees.com/blog.
The Bride’s Butler would be more than happy to recreate these images for you for your wedding or event.
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“Nice to meet you.”

The Bride’s Butler has dealt with a few Bridesmaids in the past year since we started the business. So far, almost all of our experiences with Bridesmaids have been good ones.

When you’re asked to be a Bridesmaid (BM), or Maid/Matron of Honour (MOH) for your friend’s, relative’s or sister’s wedding – it is an honour, and one that if you accept, the responsibilities shouldn’t be taken lightly. As my best friend has said before, “being in a wedding party doesn’t mean that it’s all fun and games, it’s not an excuse just to party – it’s hard work” – and she’s right. Although there will be plenty of partying and fun had during the planning process and leading up to the wedding day, there is a lot of work to be had.

Do you know some of your responsibilities as a Bridesmaid?

Sure you do… help the bride find her dress – offer advice and opinion on favours, flowers, colours, etc – help with the Bridal Shower, Stag & Doe and Bachelorette Party – and of course support her on her wedding day.

As a Bride, do you know what you can do to make the role of a Bridesmaid a pleasant one?

Respect Their Responsibilities
Be respectful to their lives outside of your wedding, and try to keep a good balance of duties between Bridesmaids – you don’t want one thinking they are pulling more weight than the other. The only one with a bigger ‘to do’ list might be your MOH.

Dress Them Well
Consider each of their body types, skin tone, hair colour and personality. If they are all different, maybe have the same colour but in different dress styles. You want them to be comfortable and feeling confident in their dress. And realistically, they probably will not ever wear the dress again.

Mind Their Budgets
Be mindful as to how much time and money a Bridesmaid will spend on your wedding. The dress, hair, make-up, shoes, purse, the parties, the gifts – you name it, there is a price tag attached.

Give & Receive Graciously
Remember your manners. Be sure to thank your BM’s and MOH for their hard work and dedication over the past 12-14mths. Whatever they do for you is out of the kindness of their heart, so don’t complain if your Bridal Shower theme/decor wasn’t exactly as you planned or hoped for – it was a gift from your BM’s, and they should be thanked for it. This is usually second nature for most people to be gracious…let’s hope.

Be A Good Friend
Just remember the first bit of advice in this blog – ‘remember that they have their own lives’. Even though it’s your wedding “year”, be sure to talk about their lives, problems and successes too. You can only talk about your wedding so much.

*Source: The Knot.com

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There are many reasons why couples should hire a planner. When you are planning your wedding and you’re reading the magazines, websites and the books for “how to’s” and “do’s & don’t’s” most likely  you will see the suggestion to hire a Wedding Planner. There is a reason why they mention this idea…it’s a good one!

Here are a few reasons why I think Bride’s should hire a Planner…..

#1 – The Bride’s Butler can save you money

We can provide discounts that are only offered through working with a Planner.

I work with plenty of vendors like florists, invitation specialists and photographers – all ready to offer you a value add or discount you couldn’t get being a ‘walk in’ client.

#2 – Less Stress

Take ease in knowing that a professional is working with you to plan the most important day of your life.

As a WPIC (Wedding Planners Institute of Canada) certified Planner, I can take care of all of the problem solving and hiccups for you during your wedding so you don’t have to. You’d be surprised by the amount of “behind the scenes” work that goes into executing a wedding….it’s a major event!

#3 –You have little time to properly plan your wedding

It takes on average 250 hours to plan a wedding.

With most couples working full time, part-time, shift work or raising kids, it’s hard to find the time and dedication to plan your wedding. By hiring The Bride’s Butler, we can do some of the leg work for you!
Full Wedding Planning services include having the planner set up meetings with vendors and then attend the meetings, aid you in contracts and agreements, and also be your “go to” person for all the small details….including securing all your favour tags on the gifts, or helping you stuff envelopes, anything that will help you out for your big day!

#4 –You are a detail oriented and organized individual

You cant be 2 places at once on your wedding day.

As the Bride you simply can’t set up your hall during the morning because you are to be getting ready for your special day! With a lot more weddings taking place on Fridays & Saturdays, your venue needs to be set up the morning of your wedding – thus not allowing you to oversee the details and the set up instructions. That is the job of the Planner. We are with you for up to 12-14 hours during the day of your wedding.
It’s a great feeling to know that all you have to be on your wedding day is the Bride (and not the janitor, decorator or coordinator)!

# 5- Hindsight is 20/20

Ask almost any bride, and she’ll tell you that if she was to plan her wedding again, she would have hired a Planner.

Self explainatory. :)

BB Tip #2
When hiring a planner, ask for references, portfolio pictures and check to see if they are certified.

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