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To see one of our trusted ‘friendors’ check out this video of Margarita & Serigo’s wedding day.

You’re engaged and are rounding up your bridesmaids, mother, future MIL and other women that are important to you and heading out to a Wedding Show. Seems like fun, but is it? A lot Brides find wedding shows to be a tad stressful. They are bombarded with information that at the time can be overwhelming. There are so many vendors and wedding professionals to choose from – so how does one do it?! That’s why we created The Entourage package. Not only do you receive our fabulous Day of Coordination service, but you also get referrals with industry discounts to vendors that we know and trust. With having executed more than 20 weddings over the past 5 years, we’ve met a lot of vendors – some good, others bad and some that we simply adore and call friends. These are the kind of vendors you want working for you on your wedding day!

Not only will you get wedding professionals that we recommend, but you will get discounts from these vendors that you wouldn’t be able to get if you emailed or called them yourself. Take a look at The Entourage package and let our team of  professionals keep you sane, happy and simply enjoying your day.


So attend the Wedding Shows for the experience if you so desire, but know that at the end of the day when you empty that heavy bag full of marketing material you can always just call us and get what you need in one quick call or email.

It’s our job and our passion to make your wedding day as enjoyable as possible. We look forward to hearing from you!




We are upon the time of year that you start thinking about gifts for your family and friends for the holidays. There’s typically one person, or one couple that you just don’t know what to get to slip under the tree. Well, we have a solution for you! Join forces with a few other family members (cousins, Aunts, Uncles, etc) and get the Bride or the soon-to-be Mr & Mrs Wedding Day Coordination services!

You will be buying gifts for them from the registry, or partaking in the wedding as a member of the wedding party, so rather than scratch your head a few times about what to get her/them, just send us an email and ta-da, problem solved!

Our Big Day package is a great gift to give because not only will it make you look like an organized, caring and oh-so-loving friend/family, but it will put the Bride & Groom at ease on their wedding day knowing that a professional is on hand to take care of all of the fine details and event logistics so they can simply enjoy their big day.

Offering 10% off until the end of the year you will want to book now to ensure their date is still available. So, what are you waiting for! Give us a call or shoot us an email, we’d love to help you give one of the best gifts ever this holiday season!


I saw this video online and immediately thought of some guests I’ve seen at weddings trying to capture every moment, from every angle with their phone, camera or video camera. I know that almost everyone has a phone and or a camera and they want to use it during a wedding – but you must do it discreetly – and from your seat. Let the professionals that the Bride & Groom have selected and paid a pretty penny for do their job and capture the photos…which you will likely end up seeing on the newlyweds Facebook Page, or on the Photographers blog/social media sites.

Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Sometimes couples do encourage that guests take photos and share them to FB, Twitter or Instagram and will even include a hashtag on the programs so that others can see the pictures, and so they can relive their big day later on – but we beg of you, and so does this Photographer that you take photos respectfully, always keeping the Bride & Groom in mind. You should never be a distraction to them, or an interference with the professionals working. Simply put in this video – enjoy the moment along with the couple.

Do you see yourself as one of those guys or girls in the video? I sure hope not! Unless the couple has specifically asked you to take photos for them – please remain seated, out of the aisle and away from the photo shoot.


Yay! You’re a Mr. & Mrs!

When you get engaged, the congratulations and well wishes bombard you from every angle. From friends and family to co-workers to acquaintances on social media. Everyone wants to let you know just how happy they are for you – and so they should be. Getting married is an exciting time in one’s life! And once you start planning your big day you’ll get a ton of questions about it, like; when, where, how many guests, your theme or color palette, children or no children, what food you’re serving and what style of dress you prefer. Everyone has something to ask, or something to say.

What you don’t know is that the questions and comments continue to roll in after the day you say “I do”. Here are just a few things (most can be quite annoying) you might be asked once you become Husband & Wife:

“Welcome to the club. The club of no sex.”

“When are you having kids?”

“That was a fancy wedding. How much did it cost?”

“Good luck! 50% of marriages end in divorce.”

What’s the best thing to do when someone asks you a question or says something that makes you uncomfortable? Just smile, laugh and remember how awesome your wedding was and all the good reasons why you married each other. Being married to your best friend is the best kind of team to be on, so be sure to have each others backs and just laugh off what some might say about the tradition of marriage.

What we have to say to you now that you’re married….Congratulations!

Plain and simple. We wish you all the best. Why? Because you deserve it.