Many Brides want to involve their mother in as many aspects as they can during the planning process and the wedding itself. Here are a few traditional things you should add to your Mother/Daughter wedding list.

Pick out the wedding dress.

Spending quality time with your mom and picking out your wedding dress is a memory that you’ll always hold onto. You can decide to just have your mom by your side for when you say “yes to the dress” or you can include a sister, best friend, aunt and even your future mother-in-law.

Picking out her dress.

Take your mom shopping and help her pick out the dress she’ll wear on her wedding day. Again, this day can include an invite to your future MIL as well. A fun shopping day that may include lunch or dinner with a celebratory glass of vino is always a good thing.

Ceremony procession.

If you’re mom isn’t walking you down the aisle, she is the last person to take her seat before your wedding party begins the ceremony. She should be escorted to her seat by your brother or cousin. If your Bridesmaids are walking solo down the aisle, and you don’t have a brother or cousin, then you can have the last Groomsman walk her down, or an usher.

Showing respect & honor.

A lot of couples incorporate their mothers (or both parents) into the ceremony. You can offer her a flower as a token of gratitude, or you can have her (or them) participate in the unity ceremony as two families are becoming one.

Also, be sure to acknowledge and thank your mother during your speech at the reception.

DIY aspects & choosing vendors.

If you’re planning your wedding yourself, be sure to include your mom in some of the Do-It-Yourself aspects (a.k.a – craft night!) as well as meetings with your vendors. If she (& your dad) are paying for some or all of your wedding, it’s always nice to include them in some of the decision making.

How will you include your mom into your wedding planning and special day?

*article based on tips from TLC Family

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Is you’re little girl getting married?
First time wedding parents?
According to TLC Family, here are two things you must concern yourself with before your daughter says
“I do”:

Weddings can be expensive. Traditionally, the Bride’s parents would host and pay for the wedding, but nowadays you’ll often see both sets of parents contributing as well as the Bride & Groom.

Chat with your daughter and future son-in-law and discuss who will pay for what. Will each party give the same amount (i.e: $10,000) or will you pay for specific parts of the wedding like the reception?
It’s also customary that the Bride’s parents pay for her wedding dress and alterations.

Sounds like a lot of money being spent, right? It is. Be prepared by saving a little each month for as long as you can (some parents start this when she’s just a kid). Open a savings account and dedicate it to your contribution to her wedding.

The future-in-laws

Not only should you take time to get to know your future son-in-law (if you don’t already know him that well), but you should also get to know his parents. Once your daughter is engaged, invite her fiance’s parents over for tea, lunch or dinner. This is a great way to celebrate the happy news and for you to meet (if you haven’t yet) and spend time with them.

His parents will be a part of your daughter’s new life with her hubby, so it’s best if you like them, or at the very least get along with them. Building a relationship with the future-in-laws may save face later as life rolls on when it comes to dividing time for holidays and celebrations.

Check out the article here for TLC’s list of the 5 things you should do to prepare.

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Everyone likes games, and what better time to play some then at your wedding?
Typically hosted by the MC or DJ, wedding games are planned to get the guests interacting with one another, the wedding party and with the Bride & Groom.
The most popular game you’ll see at a wedding is the “kissing” game. There are all kinds of ways to get the Bride & Groom to kiss other than the typical clinking of the glasses. I’ve seen a mass game of scrabble, a spin wheel similar to Wheel of Fortune and trivia about the newlyweds.

I’ve also seen “Photo Scavenger Hunts” at weddings. This is the game where the Bride & Groom have left disposable cameras on each table with a list of images that must be captured. Think about all the things that can be witnessed at a wedding; first dance, toast to the couple, sleeping flower girl, drunken groomsmen…the list goes on.

Another game that I personally like to watch, but think that it’s risky to play is the game where the Bride & Groom swap shoes and answer questions about one another. “Who is most likely to snore?” “Who said ‘I love you’ first?” This game is very amusing to watch, and the questions can sometimes get quite personal and risque, therefor, I sometimes cringe when this game is played. I’m a big believer that you shouldn’t embarrass the happy couple on their special day – and this game might just do that.

What kind of games have you played at weddings? Games are fun, and get people laughing. Be sure to play some on your special day.

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