It’s engagement season! If you’re on Facebook you might notice that from about Christmas Eve until Valentine’s Day your newsfeed will include posts and pictures about engagements. Many couples get engaged between December and February with Christmas, New Years and Valentine’s Day offering holidays as a great backdrop to profess your love. Not wanting to piggyback onto a holiday? Then there’s the beginning of a New Year. Nothing says “I want to kick off 2014 right” like snagging a YES from your Bride-to-be.

We’d like to extend a big congrats to all couples that got engaged over the holidays (this means you, Caitlin & Shaun and Rob & Kaley) and major high fives to those of you that are about to pop the question!

The engagement season is an exciting time for us as we love hearing about how it happened and the plans for the big day – but most of all being engaged is an exciting time for you, so be sure to enjoy it! There is no need to rush into planning, give yourself at least a month or so to bask in the oohs and awes of your bling before you start diving deep into planning.

Once again, congrats to those that got engaged, and those that will seal the deal with a ring during engagement season!


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This picture isn’t a stylized wedding photo. It’s a total candid shot from Brooke & Richard’s wedding day, and we love it! You can see the love in Richard’s gaze as he watches his wife pose for the camera. You can see that Brooke is posing in a somewhat cheeky fashion – which totally captures her essence! And you can see how the wine has started to take effect on the wedding party. I just love this picture – it makes me smile each time I see it because I remember what an amazing day these two had. Many memories were captured that day, and the majority of them happened organically (except the few traditional structured shots).

Many times you will see Wedding Coordinators, Planners or Stylists team up with other industry providers like Photographers and florists to create stylized wedding photos, and although we think they are beautiful, creative and ooze a ton of talent, we’re not a huge fan of them. Want to know why?

Stylized wedding photos give a false perception of what weddings really are. Weddings are joyous occasions that are flooded with pretty little details, beautiful people and jaw-dropping landscapes or venues, but in reality; your wedding day has a very high chance of not unfolding with complete precision like a stylized photo does. People will make silly faces, plans will slightly change as the day goes on, and nice weather is never promised.

Now, no disrespect to those that put a lot of time, money and passion into stylized wedding photos because that’s not what we’re trying to do here. What we are trying to do is make sure that as a Bride, you know that these photos were intended to be perfect. Your wedding day will also be perfect, but in a different way. We would hate for Bride’s to be misguided on what a real wedding looks like. Photographers are very talented and with today’s technology can make your photos look like they came out of a magazine, but when you are planning your wedding, we urge you to look at these stylized photos for inspiration and ideas, but not as something to compare your big day to. It’s just the same as looking at a perfectly fit celebrity. It takes hard work, a personal chef, trainer and a ton of airbrushing to make them look that good. You know that’s not how they look when they wake up, so don’t think that your wedding will look perfect either at very glance. Your vendors (including us!) will do the best we can to ensure your plans, instructions and vision come to life, but know that once you open the doors to your reception, your perfectly set favours will disappear, your menu cards will get read and tossed aside and a centerpiece might get removed by your Uncle Ted who felt he couldn’t see his blushing bride of a niece from across the room , and so that image of perfection is gone.

Executing a wedding always has it’s surprises, like; a thunderstorm rolling in just half hour before the outdoor ceremony, a clumsy bridesmaid spilling red wine on the gift table draped in white linen just mere moments before guests arrive and a cake made of buttercream melting in the summer heat. These sort of things happen and it’s our job as your Coordinators to ensure that we tackle these issues in a professional way and always have a back-up plan so that your day can continue on – but things happen, that is life.

So, basically all we’re asking is that you make sure you know the difference between what’s real and what’s staged. And remember, that your wedding day is a day of perfect love, not perfection. That your guests will notice the love between you and your groom and not the fact that you have 6 roses in your bouquet when you asked for 8 just like the photo you pinned on Pinterest. Make your wedding day reflect who you are as a couple, not what you desire it to be because of something you saw online.

Use stylized wedding photos as inspiration, and trust us when we say that you will look at your wedding photos and think they look even better than anything you tore out of a magazine or saved from a blog.


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When my Sept 7th Bride Erin told me she wanted her dogs in the wedding, I cringed a little. They are big dogs – they slobber and they have dark fur which doesn’t mesh well with a white wedding dress. Thankfully they were just fantasizing about incorporating their mutts into their special day. Instead, they invited their beloved horses to take part and I thought it was a great idea! Very rarely do you see images of a Bride & Groom with horses, unless of course they are Texan and donning cowboy hats! Having the horses on the property of their reception (Erin’s parents home) brought a special and personalized touch to their photos. Seeing the two of them beside the brown beauties was stunning – seeing the frightened look of her mother and sister during family photos was hilarious.

If you want to incorporate your pet into your wedding, I suggest that you set aside time to take photos with them and have someone care for your pet in your absence. Asking a neighbor or co-worker who isn’t attending the wedding to look after Fido for the day and night is way better than leaving them alone all day. Plus, if you want your pooch (or horse, cat, whichever) on site for a few photos, then this person can bring them and then take them – leaving you to enjoy the rest of your evening.

When it comes to pets actually being IN the wedding, I’m not a big fan  of that. I’m not a big supporter of a dog bringing the ring down the aisle, or even hanging out at the reception location (this equals too many possible disasters). BUT, if you consider your pet as part of your family which most of us do, incorporate them into your engagement photos or wedding photos.

*Photo courtesy of DEW Imagery


What’s one of the most popular wedding favour these days? Jams. They are somewhat easy to make, keep for a long while and can be made in a mini size so guests can easily transport them from your wedding home. Plus, there are so many cute sayings you can pair with jam; ‘spread the love’, ‘love is sweet’, ‘he’s the jam in my peanut butter sandwich’ – okay, that one’s a bit weird. But you get the idea.

Other favours I’ve seen crop up this past year have been honey, maple syrup and chutney. I would have to agree that giving an edible favour is the best and easy choice. Is there something that you’re good at making that you can give your guests? Do you have a favourite treat that you could ask a local baker to make mini? Banana bread, molasses cookies, tarts, etc.

What are you planning on having as your favour at your wedding?

WEDDING / BRIDESMAID DRESSES UKMorgan & Adam’s wedding favours.
Photo courtesy of Beth & Ty in Love.