This line was made famous by the hit movie “Jerry Maguire” back in 1996. Gasp! 21 years ago.
Man, I feel old.

Anyhoo…this blog post is titled “Help Me, Help You” because we’re offering a referral program from now until our 5th Anniversary on July 15, 2013.

We’re going through a few changes behind the scenes with our logo, website, blog and services, but before our big reveal and celebration, we want to “show you the money!”

With each new Day of Coordination booking you send our way*, we will give you $50. Not only are you making money, but you are helping a friend or family member stress less on their wedding day. Our Day of Coordination services are the most popular for a reason – couples don’t want to fret about the fine details, timing logistics and overall coordination of their big day.

Please tell anyone you know getting married in the Hamilton or surrounding area about us, and tell them to join us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, and be sure to tell them to tell us that you referred them!

Thank you! We look forward to seeing you at your friend’s wedding!!

*new bookings for 2013 or 2014 weddings only. Must be Day of Coordination services currently offered by The Bride’s Butler (until July 15/13). Services must be booked at regular price ($900) and referral will not be paid until a deposit has been received.

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If you’re a Leaf fan, then you are likely cheering them on as they play in the playoffs….for the first time in NINE years!

If you’re a HUGE Leaf fan, then you’ll likely want to incorporate your love for the team into your wedding, and if that doesn’t fly with the Bride or the Groom (girls like hockey too), then why not add the Leafs to your engagement photos?

Check out what this cute couple did for their e-session this past winter.

Adorable, right? Slap on those jerseys, get on the ice and just enjoy each others company – all the while someone (like the talented Carolyn from InBloom Photography) takes your photo. 
Typically, guys are the hockey fans in the relationship, so give this one to him ladies and incorporate the Leafs into your engagement photos. If you are a fan too and want to add a dash of TO to your wedding day you can always choose royal blue and white as your colours, or name your signature drink after the team or favourite player or you can even be announced as husband & wife to the Hockey Night in Canada song.
Whether you like the Leafs or not, think of ways how you can incorporate your hobbies, interests and favourite sport teams into your engagement photos, or even your wedding.
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We gave you a sneak peek at our new logo in this post, and now we’re going to reveal what the new homepage of the website will look like!

Taking my personality and love for rustic chic decor, country music, romance and chalkboards (I have one in my kitchen that I write an inspirational quote on daily), this is what my lovely and talented friend Ashley from Ashley & Malone created for the homepage.

I’m totally in love!!

Clear and easy tabs like “Meet Diane”, “Services” and “Gallery” will give you information and insight on who I am, what Bride’s Butler can do for you on your special day and a look back at some of our most memorable weddings.

We might be re-launching earlier than expected, but will definitely have much celebration on and around our 5th Anniversary on July 15th. Stay tuned to the blog,Twitter and Facebook for more updates on the re-brand and also on how we plan to keep you in the know about weddings, tips, trends and coordination services!

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Most Brides see their Groom for the first time on their wedding day as they walked down the aisle, but now that’s not always the case. Many couples are choosing to have a “First Look” to ease their nerves and spend more time together on their big day.

Sometimes the Bride wants to keep the tradition alive of her future hubby not seeing her until she’s escorted down the aisle so she asks her Groom to face his back to her so she can simply touch him and talk to him without him seeing her, or sometimes the Groom gets blindfolded.

Past clients of ours, Leigh and Derek met in the hallway of the hotel they were getting ready at prior to their ceremony to hold hands and exchange gifts. They didn’t look at one another, but being able to connect before they said “I do” helped these two connect and feel at ease.

A lot of couples are choosing to have their photos done prior to the ceremony as well. This allows for more time as time is usually somewhat limited between the ceremony and reception. Also, this enables the everyone, especially the Bride to have a fresh look as their make-up was recently applied and they likely haven’t shed many tears yet.

First Looks have become more popular and more acceptable the past few years. I think they are a great idea if time allows. But, if you do stick to tradition and wait to see your Groom until you walk down the aisle, check out this slide show that has some things Grooms thought/felt when they saw their Bride for the first time.

Are you planning on having a First Look? 

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